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An open letter from The Naked Webmaster to The Naked CEO, his Directors
and his COOs

3 May 2017

On 1st May CPA Australia (CPAA) sent an email to all Members titled
"Important information from the Board of Directors" seeking to discredit
some Members and our website This continues a pattern
of defensive/aggressive behaviour in which the Board and Senior Executives
have, misled Members, sought to disrupt legal member communications,
hidden relevant information and bullied and intimidated Members who speak
up about it.

CPAA actions include: Telling members the “Find A CPA” function was not
available because of a technical fault, it later turned out to be
deliberate. On social media deleting all comments that relate to the
governance of the organisation. Removing the pages from the CPAA website
on the Representative Council and Divisional Councils. If these things had
not happened our website would not have been necessary.

These issues are now covered extensively. However, they still persist and
the Directors have done nothing but deny there is any problem. Notably
there have been 2 emails from the Board of Directors and the AGM.

The Board has contended that management is accountable to the members
through the Representative Council. In your information dated 16 March
2017 on page 3 you implied that an election is required to put someone on
the Representative Council. However, the constitution allows for someone
to be selected rather than elected. We have evidence of someone who was
appointed without an election and consider that you are deliberately
misleading members with this statement.

We are concerned that you provided this misleading information to protect
the Board and Senior Executives from scrutiny by Members. There are
apparent conflicts of interest and non-arms length dealings such as
sponsorship of the NBL where the Chairman of the recipient is on the Board
of CPAA, sponsorship of television programs and books which build CEO’s
personal brand but have little perceived relevance to the objects of the
CPAA. Questions now arise about the funding of research that was mentioned
by Tyrone Carlin at the AGM and how much of that went to parties connected
with the directors such as Macquarie University or Sydney University.

As CPAs it is our ethical duty to act in the public interest and expose
what we are exposing. If anyone has discredited the profession it is the
Directors and executives of CPA Australia. We are doing exactly what we
are supposed to do and we have an enormous amount of support in the wider

The Board and Senior Executives have all demonstrated that they have
questions to answer with regard to integrity and fitness to hold high
office in the profession and must resign soon for the benefit of the

The Naked Webmaster