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AFR article 5th April 2017 on why a problem

Are minimum disclosures appropriate for an organisation that is supposed be setting the standard. What disclosures should be happening.
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AFR article 5th April 2017 on why a problem

Post by Brett Stevenson » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:33 pm

This lack of full disclosure is a problem for all professional membership organisations but certainly CPA Australia is the worst 'by a country mile' in terms of quantum per person.
Read this article from todays AFR by Edmund Tadros where he uses the AICD as an example.
He asks the pretty simple question of how can we (AICD, CPA etc) profess to be some sort of guardians or standard bearers for the membership and to the watching world, yet we display the worst traits of minimal disclosure and lack of openness and transparency.
This is not a small matter.
I suggest that Alex Malley is on a colossal salary and is afraid to fully disclose it because if all the membership knew we would be 'up in arms'.
More shame to Malley as CEO, and Carlin as President of the Board for their pathetic lack of leadership on this matter.
Read the attached article to get the overall picture.
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