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Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Issues at CPA Australia needing investigation and/or review.
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Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by JWheldon » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:35 am

With the old board of CPA Australia to go, is it not time to have a clean out of the management team at CPA who supported Alex Malley and his questionable and possibly bad management practices?

The CPA Australia financial accounts provided to the members for many years should be independently reviewed, given the questionable and possibly non-compliant disclosure of remunerations, the CPA Australia Advice problems and other issues previously raised. These accounts were prepared by Adam Awty and his team and reviewed by board members like Graeme Wade, yet shown to be floored. The incorrect disclosure of the remunerations raises the question of how many years did this issue occur. How can members have confidence in Adam Awty, the CFO, the COO and the acting CEO? Should he now do the right thing and resign from CPA Australia? He has clearly benefited financially over many years, but has not been held to account for serious issues at CPA Australia.

Jeff Hughes is another individual at CPA Australia that needs to be held to account, as the COO of membership services, and who has benefited financially, as already disclosed by CPA Australia. He has been with CPA all through the Graeme Wade and Alex Malley years and has been vocal in his position against the actions of Brett and the other rebels. Membership fees have increased under his watch, by as match as 10% each year over many years, but no real reason to support such increase, given the year on year increase of paying members. Didn't Alex Malley say that under his watch membership has increased to record numbers??? These fees have increased to provide for the large CPA Australia cash reserves and bonus payments to Jeff, Adam and other senior management team. Many young members also complain about resources and support that they get and the costing of seminars and programs run by CPA Australia. There are also questions about the costs associated with seminars and how much they make or loss each year. Is it now time for Jeff Hughes to also resign??

Now Peter Docherty the general manager of public practice and has been for many years. Should not his position at CPA Australia be reviewed,or time for him to retire, given the lose of Limited Liability Scheme for those CPA Australia members in public practice while under his watch? How come the Public Practice Committee who are supposed to be acting on behalf of the members didn't know or didn't take action? Did he advise the Public Practice Committee of this serious problem and they told the board or Jeff Hughes or Adam Awty who did not take appropriate action? Lots of questions but no real answers for the members in public practice. How much money did CPA Australia raise from the members in public practice for the limited liability scheme and what happens with all this money? Now in August 2017 with the lose of the limited liability scheme, Peter Docherty is taking action, what happened in the last 12 months or the last 2 years, when CPA Australia was telling the members that everything was ok?? How much money was allocated to the public practice department and how was the funds spent?

There are other members of the management team who need to be reviewed, and also need to resign, given the numerous problems from marketing, to quality of education products and seminars provided to members. I would assume some members would consider the above views harsh, but a change in CPA Australia management is required.

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Re: Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by passedfc » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:12 am

J Wheldon,
Totally agree with all your comments.
Sadly these people will not resign or move on as they don't see they have done anything wrong.
None of them will ever achieve another job that is so highly paid for their level of incompetence.

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Brett Stevenson
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Re: Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by Brett Stevenson » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:14 am

Completely agree JWheldon and passedfc.
I would think that what the independent panel should do is set the CEO's salary as $500,000 ($600K tops) with no bonuses (just do your job), and that will enable them to reset all the management salaries at CPA Australia to a realistic level. They can all go, and then re-apply agiants all the other applicants.
I am just about to do my penultimate weekly update and will cover off on this in more detail.

Ken Crout
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Re: Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by Ken Crout » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:37 pm

With you all the way JWheldon . . . without a thorough house-cleaning at CPA Australia all of Brett's efforts will have been in vain.

The prancing show-off (albeit a rich one!) Alex Malley, was but the tip of the iceberg . . . he had many well documented supporters who must answer for their actions. I look forward to seeing them explain themselves to the Senate Review

We need a board elected by the members, and a professional society we can be proud of . . . not the farce inflicted on us for far too long.

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The Nude CPA
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Re: Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by The Nude CPA » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:40 pm

Yes, it is.

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Re: Time for a change in management at CPA Australia

Post by aceone » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:51 pm

Hi Brett
Thanks for your update today. I toook a minute or three to look at the submissions to the Committee regarding email addresses.
This evening I'm updating my tax agent registration and look at what they're asking:
Do you consent to receiving information from us (including information that we are required to provide to you in writing under the TASA) by email?
Ergo, I contend that CPA Australia can NOT preclude email communications nor preclude email addresses on the member register.
Put simply - game over President Dickson and crew! If the TPB can handle email comms, then CPA management can exceed any old Govt instrumentality.
Tracey Jones (right now, I'm too embarrassed to admit that I'm a fully paid up member), CA
CTC Taxation & Accounting Services Pty Ltd
Sorell Tas 7172

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