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International Travel Expenses at CPA Australia

Issues at CPA Australia needing investigation and/or review.
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Brett Stevenson
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International Travel Expenses at CPA Australia

Post by Brett Stevenson » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:38 am

Also consideration needs to be given to reviewing the international travel and other perks provided to CPA staff and board members. Are board members going on overseas trips funded by CPA Australia?
Do they fly economy class or is it at a business or even first class level?
This is where the major risk for CPA Australia exists because with the 'global strategy' it makes almost any international travel 'legitimate'. But is it right, or just a perk of the job.
I think members have a right to know that CPA staff and board members are being frugal in their use of international travel.
I think it reasonable for members to know why any of the board are travelling overseas at our expense. One can see an occasional trip by the President or Deputy Presidents is legitimate but by the directors, and especially if any go beyond the Asian region, I hardly think so.
How many flights, for example, have CPA Australia paid of Richard Petty to Hong Kong where he has other business interests? Why are we paying for them? Surely many of these matters are the concern of the CPA staff and not of the board of directors.
This was one of the major shifts/recommendations that occurred with the governance review in 2007. That CPA staff would handle a lot of the detail work and not the board.
I shall elaborate more on that later when reviewing the corporate governance.

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Re: International Travel Expenses at CPA Australia

Post by Jfa220854 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:53 pm

Actually Richard resides in Hong Kong and is a Qantas 1 million plus frequent flyer points holder. Not sure who pays his first class fare.

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Re: International Travel Expenses at CPA Australia

Post by misplaced3 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:32 pm

Alex is a regular domestic and international flyer and ONLY in business class paid for by CPA it would be assumed.

Also I see him wander into the chairman's club at Qantas which is a good indication of the travel paid for

Eric Nacpa
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Re: International Travel Expenses at CPA Australia

Post by Eric Nacpa » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:47 am

I suspect that if you look back you will find that some behaviours pre-date Malley as CEO.
CPA was flying staff (and committee volunteers!) business on short haul domestic flights prior to 2010.
FOI's to the Uni's are a good start - but wont capture these benefits as CPA make the bookings!
The tone here was led very much by CPA management, particularly in the growth "market".

That the current management teams' behaviour is out of step as a symptom - not the cause. There are a lot of C class personalities looking for "opportunities".

Look harder at the afr article on Mar 26 - remuneration figures on the AICD and Governance Institute - other leaders in the remuneration stakes!

The move from direct election of directors seems to have become "good governance practice" if the trend being adopted at some other member based organisations is any guide. Its up to the members to speak up - the "class capture" risk is greater than the down sides.


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