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Send in your questions for the AGM

Questions members would like to have answered at the AGM in Singapore
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Send in your questions for the AGM

Post by Brett Stevenson » Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:38 pm

I'm not too sure what the experience has been with other members but last year I lodged 5 questions for the AGM. I received no response from CPA Australia, and they were not raised at the AGM.
At the AGM when the real questions that dug a bit deeper started the Chairman (Graeme Wade) terminated the proceedings as he needed to attend a family members birthday party.
So that is what 'facing the scrutiny at the AGM' means for CPA Australia leadership.
Do you think it will be any different this year?
They have gone to pretty extreme lengths already to avoid facing some of the difficult issues and questions that have arisen by
    moving the AGM to Singapore (c'mon, lets get real here regarding the reason)
      have threatened and regarded members who do raise questions as being rogue dissidents (I suggest that this number of sympathetic rogue dissidents numbers almost 400 (387 on my last count) from a mailing list of just over 1,000, and a website just established three weeks ago)
        have taken down any connections on the website that might allow members to ask questions or communicate with other members (Linked In is heavily censored, Find a CPA has been dismantled,
          div. and rep councillors, committee/group leaders have been warned in no uncertain terms not to read the emails and to not discuss these matters.
            management and directors of CPA have categorised dissidents as needing special attention, and
              basically have been very aggressive to members who dare to raise such questions
              No wonder members are using anonymous names and are reluctant to come out in public with their concerns.
              This is an awful culture that has developed in our organisation and I say we need to act now to put a stop to it.

              All the pontifications of Alex Malley our CEO in his book, and on TV, and in interviews saying how much he appreciates being open to criticism because it shows he is leading well, comes across as a load of baloney and hypocrisy when the 'rubber hits the road'.
              What he means is not criticism of his exorbitant marketing spend promoting himself rather than CPA Australia, or of his (and his two other senior executives Hughes and Awty) exorbitant (no, scandalous) remuneration in 2016 of $3,800,000 plus, or of the allegations regarding his past at Macquarie University where he was allegedly 'sacked' and his 'easy' 'non due-diligenced' appointment as CEO of CPAA, of the corporate governance weaknesses so obvious that members never vote for the directors, and has enabled a small clique of three to virtually control our organisation for almost a decade (Wade, Petty, Carlin) along with Malley, Hughes and Awty etc.
              No this is the sort of criticism he does not like because it strikes at the heart of why in the Malley decade our profession, and the CPA standard has been denigrated in large part because of the above.

              This is not a culture of openness and transparency and the board need to start waking up to themselves before this moves from being 'issues to be dealt with' to a full blown scandal in which they are complicit.

              So, members place the questions you would like to ask at the AGM here, and then see how well, they do in answering them when we watch the proceedings by live stream. We have yet to get the details on how we get access but lets presume that will be done correctly.
              I'll start with a group in the next comment from some very high hitting CPA members. But please add your own. These will form the basis of a communication to all the members to highlight the extent of the issues regarding our membership at CPA Australia when we receive the Registry which has been promised by Adam Awty now that we have paid the $2500.

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