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Interviewees for research study on CPA Australia

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Interviewees for research study on CPA Australia

Post by ConorUNSW » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi everyone

I'll start with a brief introduction as this is my first post to the discussion board. My name is Conor Clune and I'm a lecturer in the School of Accounting at UNSW Business School. Together with a colleague, Paul Andon, I have closely followed how the governance issues at CPA Australia have unfolded over the past 12 months. Paul and I plan are currently planning to write a case study that documents these events. We hope the outcome of the project will be useful in academia (to be used in class with students of Governance courses in Business degrees) and for practice (to learn from what went wrong). We are particularly interested in understanding how members have mobilized to challenge CPA Australia for its many governance failures. We are now at the stage where we are approaching individual members to speak to us about their experiences over the past 12 months. Very broadly, we would keen to understand how and why you became involved, in what way (if any) you engaged with some of the member campaigns that emerged to challenge CPA Australia, and what your opinions are on the response of CPA Australia to the efforts of these campaigns. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of you at the Governance and Strategy meetings and some others tonight at the Sydney Member Forum. We are keen to speak to as many members that are willing to give us their time.

I have attached some further information on the research study. You will see that any interviewees who volunteer to speak to us will be guaranteed anonymity and your name will not be included in any outputs of the research project. Our main aim in speaking to you is to understand the process members engaged in to challenge CPA Australia, from each of your individual perspectives, so we can provide a rich and well-informed analysis of how and why events have unfolded as they have. With this in mind, if you are interested in speaking with me, please feel free to contact me directly at Alternatively, if you are happy to provide your contact details on here, I will contact you by e-mail with more information.

Thanks for reading. And I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Best wishes
Conor Clune
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Conor Clune
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Re: Interviewees for research study on CPA Australia

Post by Brett Stevenson » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:55 am

Hi all
Can I encourage members to participate in this study. Possibly better to have ‘outsiders’ not caught up in the cauldron of the events to provide a fresh perspective.

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