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CPA director Caroline Spencer appointed WA Auditor General

Let's look in detail at our directors individually so the term 'the board' does not minimise their individual responsibility for decisions made and oversight in relation to many of these issues.
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Re: CPA director Caroline Spencer appointed WA Auditor General

Post by theallseeingeye » Thu May 31, 2018 7:01 pm

It’s not just management on the run, it’s really poor PR management (if not plain old pig-headed ignorance ) to let the issue play out the way it has , after the fiasco CPA has already had along similar lines with Tyrone “8 days a week” Carlin. They should have been on the front foot on the issue of Caroline’s pay and duties, but instead they have either bumbled through the issue , or simply don’t care how bad it looks that this topic is in the public domain yet again, diminishing the CPA brand again. And I said as much to the Board when it surfaced...not that I think they care to take notice. We can just put this one behind us and “move on”, shall we? :oops:

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