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Re: CPA director Caroline Spencer appointed WA Auditor General

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 7:01 pm
by theallseeingeye
It’s not just management on the run, it’s really poor PR management (if not plain old pig-headed ignorance ) to let the issue play out the way it has , after the fiasco CPA has already had along similar lines with Tyrone “8 days a week” Carlin. They should have been on the front foot on the issue of Caroline’s pay and duties, but instead they have either bumbled through the issue , or simply don’t care how bad it looks that this topic is in the public domain yet again, diminishing the CPA brand again. And I said as much to the Board when it surfaced...not that I think they care to take notice. We can just put this one behind us and “move on”, shall we? :oops: