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Boad Spill update 29 July - we've hit 57% of target!

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Boad Spill update 29 July - we've hit 57% of target!

Post by jendalitz » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:39 am

One month passed this week since we started the Spill Petition. To date we have the support of 3,455 members – that’s over 57% of the 6,000 members required to call an Extraordinary General Member to remove the Board.

Everyone on the petition should have received this email update yesterday: ... ia-2462037

A few snippets from that message:

1. if everyone can recruit one more member to the petition, the job is done - I've included some tips for getting the word out and collated a resource to help with this at:

2. As numbers approach the magical 6,000 number we'll need to move to formal signing of resolutions. We'll be using an app to distribute documents that can be signed on a smart phone, as well as email communications for those who prefer to print, sign, scan back etc. For now though, we're still focused on organising enough troops to sign.

3. This week's announcement on from the Professional Standards Council re the national scheme expiration on 7th October has created an urgency that should unite every member of CPAA, whether or not you're in public practice. Seriously, if you’re a public practitioner you must be wondering what on earth you did wrong in your last life to have deserved what the Board of CPA Australia keeps dishing up to you!! Please refer the link above for all the details on what members will need to do.

4. Media callout - The media is a big opportunity for us to spread the word to CPA members and Liz Hobday from ABC's The Business is looking to speak on camera THIS WEEK with a regular CPA who is fed up with what's going on, or a public practice CPA who will be impacted by PSC Scheme expiration. PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL TO CPABOARDSPILL@GMAIL.COM if you're able to help. It's a pretty painless process and a chance to promote your practice, plus important opportunity for us to inform members and the public about the predicament we find ourselves in.

Where to from here?

I've set up a member resources page with tools and text to help you spread the word at

We have a couple of social media campaigns running this week on facebook and LinkedIn and will let you know the outcomes of those (thanks to Stuart Arthur in Perth for getting the facebook ads up and running).

There’s been a suggestion that members attending training and discussion groups could help spread the word. Anyone attending a CPA training event can do this – just tell anyone you meet to google “CPA Board Spill” and they’ll find us there.

The Women In Business discussion group in Sydney produced an excellent overview presentation this week covering the key issues, dates and players in this whole sorry debacle. It’s really good and I’m sure Ellie Smith and her coordinating team would be happy to share their powerpoint slides with any other discussion groups looking to inform their members – just reply to this email if you’d like an introduction.

We’re also looking at a couple of options around fund raising and advertising suggested by members, and new media contacts that we’ll explore over the coming days.

So all in all, some good ideas here. Keep them coming!!

If you have any other ideas on how we can spread the word, please make contact with the Board Spill Team as a matter of urgency. You can reach us directly at

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Re: Boad Spill update 29 July - we've hit 57% of target!

Post by incitem3 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:21 am

Hi Jen, I would like to see or have the power point demo slideshow summarising what has happened to the CPAA over the last seven years. I am a relatively new member (4 years) and am trying to get a practice certificate. I am a US CPA that has immigrated to Australia and am having a hard time getting my experience qualified by CPAA, also any advice on this?... Thanks Brian Rundle

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