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3 Oc 17 - Independent Review Panel - seek specific feedback

A forum for discussing the IRP reports, both preliminary and final.
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3 Oc 17 - Independent Review Panel - seek specific feedback

Post by JWheldon » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:48 am

3 October 2017

Independent Review Panel Communique

The Independent Review panel tasked with undertaking the review of CPA Australia is
progressing stage two of the review process following the delivery of its preliminary report on
14 September.

Panel Chair, Ian McPhee said that the panel was putting mechanisms in place to seek
specific feedback on the preliminary recommendations set out in the Panel’s initial report
to allow the recommendations to be finalised and to advise of any significant areas
covered by the terms of reference where further consideration may be beneficial.

“Listening to members and other stakeholders is critical to the review process. We were
very pleased that so many members and other stakeholders engaged with the review panel
in the first phase of the review.”

“In this second stage we are seeking feedback and input from members and other
stakeholders by 30 October to ensure submissions can be appropriately considered in the
development of the final report which will be delivered by December.”

“The preliminary report set out the findings from stage one of the review process and
included 23 preliminary recommendations addressing the findings.”

“We want to engage with members and stakeholders to test and validate those
recommendations to assist in developing final recommendations for the final report.”

“We are working with the secretariat to develop a mechanism that all members
and other stakeholders will be able to access through our website that will facilitate this targeted

“We will provide further details on this as soon as available.”

“I would encourage all members and other stakeholders to take the time to read the
preliminary report and provide feedback.This feedback will be critical in assisting the panel
develop our final recommendations for the final report.”

The preliminary report and updates on stage two of the review process are
available on the Independent Review website

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