Merry Christmas to Peter Wilson. When it was suggested that Peter Wilson should be independent of the old board so that we can have a fresh start Peter responded with "That's your issue". Summary of the meeting here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=594
A good summary of where we are up to by Joe Aston of the AFR, linked to from here: viewtopic.php?f=5&p=4137#p4137
If you are new to this website read the story so far: viewtopic.php?t=321#p1793
Check out some of the AFR articles, too many to list and check out some of the ABC reports: ... 215-h055ej ... 211-h02x1d ... s,/8626662
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Email 12: Why CPA need to disclose pay details. Please read. By leading academic.

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Email 12: Why CPA need to disclose pay details. Please read. By leading academic.

Post by nakedadmin » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:43 am

Detailed critique of the 16 page memo from CPA Australia coming later this week

Special Members Resolution Update - we have exceeded the required 100. Now at 109

Please read the below article. It is in todays AFR.

It is worth buying just for this article.

I reckon it should be compulsory reading for all CPA’s who are concerned about what is happening at CPA Australia currently.

Please pass it on to other members.

We are not being unreasonable.
We are wanting the profession to lift itself to a high standard not the awful example the current CPA leadership are exhibiting.

Their dogmatic refusal to provide full disclosure when there exist major question marks over the governance at CPA Australia only highlights why this is in need of urgent attention. I think Stephen Taylor would be shocked to hear that CPA members do not even vote directly for the directors. As are we, while the CPA leadership persist with the fiction that all is well.

Let me name the current Key Management Personnel at CPA Australia who I believe are not only personally benefitting enormously from the current remuneration policy but are also hiding behind the minimal compliance laws to not reveal what most members will be shocked to see.
In 2016 the total they shared was $5,508,000. Which averages out at $367,200 per person.
At these astronomical levels we demand full disclosure by individual not a one figure total

The Board of Directors of CPA Australia
President - Tyrone Carlin
Deputy President - Jim Dickson
Deputy President - Deborah Ong
Directors - Graeme Wade,
Richard Petty,
Kerry Ryan,
Richard Alston,
Michele Dolin,
Sharon Portelli,
David Spong,
Martin Hourigan,
Jennifer Lang.

The Senior Executive of CPA Australia
CEO - Alex Malley
COO - Jeff Hughes
COO - Adam Awty

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