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Email 14: 22ndMarch2017. CPA Australia is desperate. Their memo attached

Group emails on issues of concern sent to our mailing list
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Email 14: 22ndMarch2017. CPA Australia is desperate. Their memo attached

Post by nakedadmin » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:50 am

The 16 page memo from CPA Australia
1 of 3
Where is this 16 page memo from CPA Australia?
Here it is, with a critique to follow later in the week
It was written by CPA Australia to answer many of the queriesI and many other members have
raised with them.
It is to be distributed by them to Divisional Councillors, Discussion Group Leaders, Representative
Councillors, Committee members etc., and also to any CPA members who ask questions on these
It is their ‘let’s rally the troops call’, and also to prevent members discussing these matters.
Here are two lots of instructions issued by Jeff Hughes in relation to it so you can see how
they want to use it (straight from the horses mouth so to speak).
I have highlighted the things that I ask members to think about.
Then think about that in relation to the Find A CPA being disabled, as well as all contact details
about Divisional Councillors, Convenors, Committees etc, on the website.
Given that the contact details for these people cannot be accessed via the website, and that if they
are, they are under very strict instructions to pass you over the Jeff Hughes at Head Office, I
suggest you should ask yourself am I a child or a mature CPA member. Can I think and discuss
these matters with other members or can this only be done with the seal of approval and big
brothers oversight of Jeff Hughes and Graeme Wade?
I have attached a list of the names of all the various groups, committees and divisions from the
annual report (p.63-64). Do you think you are classified as a friendly, a team member, or a
troublesome member?
I leave it for you to consider what sort of organisation CPA Australia is becoming. I suggest it is the
actions of desperate people clinging onto power.

I shall be responding in even greater detail later this week. I don't think the word disgraceful
sums up my feelings strongly enough.
And they call themselves leaders!!

From: Jeff Hughes
Sent: March 2017
Subject: Important Information for Divisional Councillors

Dear Team,
Can I please ask that you send the below to each of your councillor members as soon as you can along with the
attachment. It is very important that we keep to the below protocol. I ask you to familiarise yourself with this
document as we believe that it answers that mistruths out there in the market. For those of you who have been
“managing” members e.g. ——————-, ——————, - — ——————, —————— by all means send this
document to them and any others who you consider friendlies but need some reassurance. Forward it wisely. For
information we will be sending this to those members who Graeme has made contact with after they had emailed or
called. Happy to discuss anything with you if you require clarification.
Thanks team – much appreciated.

Dear Divisional Councillor,
In concert with a number of actions that we will be taking, please find attached our response to a number of
misinformed commentaries that have been circulating recently.
If you have any questions in relation to this document please do not hesitate to contact me directly on In the event that a member approaches you concerning these commentaries,
please direct them to me
I will send them through a copy of the attached document.
Due to the various actions that we will be taking, it is important that the above protocol is followed. I thank you for
your cooperation.
Kind Regards
Jeff Hughes | Chief Operating Officer | Member Services
CPA Australia

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