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A good summary of where we are up to by Joe Aston of the AFR, linked to from here: viewtopic.php?f=5&p=4137#p4137
If you are new to this website read the story so far: viewtopic.php?t=321#p1793
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Email 16: 3rdApril2017. CPA Australia. New members website. Wakey wakey todays AFR shock.

Group emails on issues of concern sent to our mailing list
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Email 16: 3rdApril2017. CPA Australia. New members website. Wakey wakey todays AFR shock.

Post by Brett Stevenson » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:01 pm

Just four things
1. New website for CPA members up and running
2. Todays AFR should worry us all abut CPA leadership.
3. Areas of investigation/requiring investigation at CPA Australia
4. Covering letter to my response to the 16 page sales job memo from CPA Australia - rest to follow this week

1. New website for CPA members
CPA Australia
have virtually shut down the LinkedIn Discussion group,
have dismantled the Find A CPA function on the website,
have dismantled the ability of members to locate who the Representative and Divisional Councillors are,
have warned off and threatened discussion group leaders from discussing these major issues we are raising,
have moved the AGM to Singapore to avoid these matters being raised from the floor if held in Australia,

In effect they have closed down all the normal avenues for CPA members to discuss issues of concern without the big brother censorship of CPA Australia.

Ask yourself what other professional organisation in Australia would tolerate this - the engineers, lawyers, doctors, architects… I hardly think so.
Then ask yourself why am I not prepared to speak up and say something?

We have created a CPA members website to provide an avenue for these major matters to be discussed, and to enable easier communication with the wider CPA membership.

place the following in the address bar and you should be up and running

Email addresses are confidential.

Use either your on name or an anonymous name. Its up to you.

Some forums have been created with some topics under each one. But feel free to add your own topics if required.

There are three moderators, one being myself, with the aim being to monitor lightly to enable free discussion of the issues.
All the normal caveats apply to keep the discussion civil and ‘on topic’.

More material is to be added but we wanted to get it up and running asap so discussions can start.

Always open to suggestions, improvements and modifications etc.
Keep in mind that this is all being done voluntarily by pretty busy members because we are concerned about these issues.
We do not have loads of time but we do have enough ‘fire in the belly’ to care enough to do something.

This will enable us to spread the message plus enable many more members to participate.

2. Todays AFR should worry us all about what is happening at CPA Australia
I leave you to think about this one. But if we just continue ignoring these areas of concern we only have ourselves to blame for the consequences.
There may be nothing wrong, but there sure are some concerning red flags waving that need to be addressed.
Members can discuss these on the website.

Rear Window
Apr 2 2017 at 11:45 PM
Updated Apr 2 2017 at 11:45 PM
CPA directors Richard Petty, Richard Alston in Waratah Investment Partners

by Joe Aston
CPA Australia chief executive Alex Malley is promising to sue us for defamation, but it's his old buddy from Macquarie University Richard Petty whose whys, wherefores and whereabouts we've got on our mind this fine April day.

As well canvassed on this page, Petty was a PhD student at Macquarie Graduate School of Management when Malley was on faculty as a first-year accounting lecturer, allegedly granting his students bonus marks if they paid his wife Rachel's company to complete an online lesson. Petty was on the CPA board with Malley from 2006, and from 2010 to 2015, he chaired the board's all-powerful nominations and remuneration committee.

Well it turns out that Petty, who has been Hong Kong-based for years, is a shareholder in Waratah Investment Partners, an entity registered with ASIC in April last year. Petty is in this new shop alongside Chinese businessman Kenny Zhang and, funnily enough, the Liberal Party's federal president Richard Alston.

Waratah's own website boasts the attendance of the federal Liberals' Deputy Leader Julie Bishop at a political fundraiser in Sydney in July 2013. The very next year, Alston joined the board of CPA Australia, where he remains, presumably unperturbed by the governance and expenditure scandal engulfing the professional standards body. He's also a member of aforementioned nominations and remuneration committee. What are the chances?!

3. Areas of investigation/requiring investigation at CPA Australia
In view of the above and in view of many of the issues that are coming to light as CPA Australia is looked at a little more closely, we thought it might be helpful to open up a forum on the website for members to suggest areas that perhaps need closer investigation and review at CPA Australia.
Two that come immediately to mind are CPA Australia Advice, and Conflicts of Interest at leadership level at CPA Australia (Board and Senior Management in particular).
Members may be able to shed more light on areas that need review.
One thing is a firm conviction of most of the members who have been sending in their supportive emails is that the remuneration of individual directors and senior executives needs to be disclosed fully, and we need that to be done for the past decade, especially over the last three years.
Why this is not being done and why the blanket refusal to do so reeks of an enormous cover up of what to most of us are exorbitant levels of remuneration for the directors and the executive.

4. The draft covering letter to my response to the CPA 16 page sales job memo of 16th March 2017.
No more pussy footing around the issues I suggest.
I encourage all members to read the memo from CPA Australia with your professional antennae well and truly connected.
I have been able to create a few free days from my normal work to write a detailed response.
Leter this week I will send out.
But please members start adding your own responses on the website.

Covering letter is attached



Brett Stevenson CPA BComm MDiv
Covering letter.png
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Mark Ricci
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Re: Email 16: 3rdApril2017. CPA Australia. New members website. Wakey wakey todays AFR shock.

Post by Mark Ricci » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:20 pm

I didn't receive the 16 page memo from CPAA. Was it drafted specifically for members or the AFR? If it was addressed to members, are there other members who didn't receive it?
Mark Riccioni, FCPA

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Brett Stevenson
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Re: Email 16: 3rdApril2017. CPA Australia. New members website. Wakey wakey todays AFR shock.

Post by Brett Stevenson » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:52 pm

I think Mark it is only being shown to any members who have any queries on these issues.
That's why we have included it in the second response from CPA. I am currently writing the detailed critique of it.
They have forewarned and forearmed the divisional councillor representatives, as well as Discussion Group Leaders and CPA staff (especially management) and the board. This will be the way they are answering anyone who asks questions on these matters.
If a member is not satisfied with an answer from another member then they have been instructed to refer them to Jeff Hughes at Head Office (refer the group email, and Bryce Corbetts AFR column which specifically states what Jeff Hughes has said on this), and out comes this memo.
They do not want to distribute it wider afield to all the membership because it will alert them to this whole discussion, and that is the last thing they want, hence why they have disabled most of the website to prevent most members being aware of what is going on. Hence why they are so paranoid about the AFR articles because that is what is getting the message out to the wider membership.
Why do you think they really moved the AGM to Singapore?
And that is why they have threatened AFR with legal action, and intimidated and bullied many of the members into silence.
Everyone has to do what they feel comfortable with but CPA Australia know darn well that they will not pursue the AFR because what has been said is true, and any of the allegations that they dislike will have to be brought out at the deposition stage and that is the last thing CPA Australia want for obvious reasons.
The truth hurts sometimes.
I would encourage members to be professional and not accept being treated like kindergarten children by the leadership of CPA Australia.
I do not agree with their aggressive and intimidating approach to members who ask questions, and I reckon we should start to stand up to them just as we would say that to out children if they confront a bully in the school playground. Can you imagine other professional organisations like the engineers, or doctors, or lawyers, tolerating this approach from the CPA leadership.

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Re: Email 16: 3rdApril2017. CPA Australia. New members website. Wakey wakey todays AFR shock.

Post by nakedadmin » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:23 pm

Here is the Member Information and a commented version which will help you cut through the BS.
Important Member Information Commented.pdf
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Important Member Information.pdf
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