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Email 17: 6th April 2017.CPA Board need to go. Independent Inquiry into Remuneration at CPA Australia

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:55 pm
by Brett Stevenson
I have just started a response to the 16 page memo from CPA Australia to issues raised. It is attached in pdf format.

I have done enough on Executive and Board Remuneration to believe the board should be sacked and an independent inquiry be had into Remuneration at CPA Australia.

If you are happy with three senior executives receiving a minimum of $3,781,000 between them in 2016 then ignore and go on your merry way.
But if you think that is over the top for a membership organisation like CPA Australia then we need to respond.

Read pages 7-10 to get a detailed explanation, and why CPA Australia leadership are lading us up the garden path on this matter.

I have only dealt with the Introduction and Executive and Board Remuneration (pages 1-10) in this report but it needs to get immediate distribution to members.

If we do not act now, we really will allow ourselves to be milked. I believe this is almost at the level of a rort.
Let it not be allowed to continue.

I believe this should be the basis for the Board to either resign or replaced. This sort of extravagance cannot be allowed to continue.

Join us on our website and share openly with others. We need to come out from our anonymity and silence.
This is a disgrace.
Can you imagine any other professional organisation allowing this to happen. Members intimidated into silence, Website areas dismantled.
Members warned off by CPA staff and board members.
Speak to your divisional councillors and let them know what you think.
Call your local member of Parliament and ask what they do?
Call ASIC and ask what can they do.
Call the media and inform them of what is going on at CPA Australia.

Have a read and see if you think I am exaggerating.