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Email 17a: 10th April 2017. Todays AFR expose on Tyrone Carlin CPA president. Open Letter to Sydney University

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Email 17a: 10th April 2017. Todays AFR expose on Tyrone Carlin CPA president. Open Letter to Sydney University

Post by Brett Stevenson » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:50 pm

Hi all,

I leave it for members to deal with the below letter as they deem appropriate.
Have a read of the AFR article from today which will perhaps help you make up your mind.

For me I am sending to the Vice Chancellor (Michael Spence) and Chancellor (Belinda Hutchinson) of Sydney University, along with other staff that I believe should receive it.
Other universities should also be included I suggest but I leave that to members to decide for themselves.
This CPA Australia leadership matter has gone from being a joke to being a very serious matter that needs urgent attention.
The Tyrone Carlin example is just one of many that have been exposed of late.

In the absence of full disclosure of Key Management Personnel remuneration for 2016 ($5,508,000 for 15 people of whom 12 are directors) all we can deduce is ‘cover-up’.
A ‘royal commission’ is perhaps the only thing that will resolve what has become almost scandalous behaviour in our organisation.
We read about the HSU in the recent past, or the RSL currently, with a certain disbelief.
Well I suggest that what is, and has been, happening at CPA Australia places us in the same league.

Dear Mr Spence and Ms Hutchinson,

I write as a concerned member of CPA Australia of which Tyrone Carlin, your current Deputy Vice-Chancellor, is President.

Our organisation had a major review into its corporate governance and decade ago, and one of the major changes was to increase the remuneration to the President on the basis that the work involved 3 to 4 days work per week (up to a maximum remuneration of around $420,000 pa currently).
Unfortunately the leadership at CPA Australia are stonewalling and refusing to provide full disclosure of remuneration to its board (of 12 including the President) and 3 senior executives. In 2016 it totalled $5,508,000, which for a membership organisation such as ours is clearly outrageous.
The President (Tyrone Carlin) refuses to say what he is being paid and just says he can handle the CPA presidency role, along with his full time position as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Sydney University.

To put it bluntly we do not believe that is the case.
You may read the below article from todays AFR which provides more detail.

Clearly we cannot influence or have any say in relation to policy at your university but so many issues and questions have been raised in relation to governance, excess remuneration, conflicts of interest, and ultimately a denigration of the professional body through self promotion of the CEO, with a refusal of both the board and the senior leadership to deal with these issues that we are compelled to raise this matter with you.

You can also refer to the website we have established to enable members to communicate on these matters -

But we do raise these issues with you because we believe it is in both our interests to at least have this matter of Tyrone Carlin disclosed fully and dealt with publicly.

Yours faithfully

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