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Proxy Voting at AGM

Discussion about the proposed resolutions to be put to the AGM in May 2018
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Brett Stevenson
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Proxy Voting at AGM

Post by Brett Stevenson » Fri May 04, 2018 10:06 am

It is critical if members sign someone to be their proxy that they know how that prose will be voting at the AGM.
The board have told us how they will vote.
Glen Hasselman has told us how he will vote (presumably on behalf of the (The Spillers)
Now is the time for other groups to nail their colours to the mast.
Let’s trust others, in particular the NSW Division, will let us know their voting preferences on each resolution as they are also calling for proxies. Until they do so I would discourage any member from assigning your proxy to the NSW Division President. And if the same applies in other states I would suggest members need to ensure the Div President in each state states how they are going to vote.
Let’s be realistic here. If they don’t then that says two things - firstly presume they will vote as per the board, and secondly why won’t they? Their silence on is is very telling.
I have told members how I will vote, and shall be putting up two short video’s explaining why today. Just to let members know I have changed my vote on Resolution 14 (to dismiss Peter Wilson as a director) from oppose to being For.
Here is how I am voting on each resolution if that assists members, but my video presentations and email will provide more detail. In summary I would suggest the board’s four resolutions have ignored the really substantive issues raised over the last year or so, and that are probably happy to have the status quo remain by opposing the 10 members resolutions. That is one of the min reasons why I have chnged my vote on resolution14. The last thing we want is to have a repetition of what happened before. The boards resolutions do not deal with the governance issues beyond empowering their control.

This is how I shall be voting on the 14 resolutions.
1. Against
2. For
3. Against
4. Against
5. Abstain
6. For
7. Abstain
8. Against
9. For
10. For
11. For
12. For
13. For
14. For
I am happy to collect members proxies as I shall be attending.
The best thing for members to do is vote on each resolution and then it makes no difference to whom you assign your proxy, as that has to be honoured (legally mandatory) by the proxy.

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Re: Proxy Voting at AGM

Post by deaneus » Fri May 11, 2018 11:47 pm

Hi Brett,

I won't be attending - but i have submitted my votes and named you my proxy.

Good luck
Dean K

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Re: Proxy Voting at AGM

Post by cpasteve » Thu May 17, 2018 2:50 pm

Question about proxy voting - I did my votes by proxy, but i'm now a slim chance of getting to the AGM but I won't know until lunch time on the 22nd, so too late to retract my proxy. As much as i'd love to vote twice, I don't want to break any rules, do I just not vote at the AGM as I've already voted, or do I make myself known to an official when I get there and they'll cancel my proxy? Excuse my ignorance.

Thinking it'll be an entertaining evening. Only ever been to AGM's of sporting clubs and always look forward to the spread the committee puts on, I hope Mrs Wilson brings a nice plate.

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Re: Proxy Voting at AGM

Post by JWheldon » Thu May 17, 2018 6:11 pm

The AGM will mostly likely only provide light refreshments.

Would not expect anything grand at the CPA AGM. The board generally save the good stuff for themselves. They will probably have a dinner prepared for them, after the end of the AGM, and have their accommodation paid for, their airfares paid for, their meals paid for and other relevant sundries paid for. Isn't it grand, to be an interstate member, that has to pay for their own travel expenses to attend the Melbourne AGM.

Lucky for the members, that the CPA Australia Board, didn't decided to charge members to attend the AGM, in the new renamed CPA Australia Annual Congress. They could have then put an article in the next annual report, or IntheBlack magazine about the success of their AGM aka CPA Australia Annual Congress, the attendance records etc and international access to hundreds of thousands of members. Another great success story for the board. Only joking.

If you consider the AGM's for listed companies, they generally only provide tea or coffee and a biscuit. So don't expect anything grand at the CPA Australia AGM.

Lets hope that the 4,000 or 5,000 members that contributed to Bretts fighting fund, will vote to support member resolutions, which the board disagree with.

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Re: Proxy Voting at AGM

Post by GenYCPA » Fri May 18, 2018 12:19 am

I will be attending the AGM next week and have already been accepting proxies from a number of friends and colleagues. If you would like to appoint me as your proxy please complete the form at https://investorcentre.linkmarketservic ... oting/CPAU and add Robert McDowall when promted.

I encourage all members to direct most (if not all) of their votes on each motion but I appreciate there will be discussion before and during the AGM which may influence the final outcome. As such I would be happy to accept undirected proxies and you are welcome to contact me to discuss your preferences in advance.

Given the turmoil of last year and the weaknesses in our constitution I believe it is critical for as many members to get involved as possible and have their say.

Here are some of my thoughts on the resolutions in case anybody was interested in hearing them. I'm sorry they are a bit scattered but then again so is the notice to the AGM. Please note that I will wait until I have heard and participated in the debate and discussion, from all channels, before and during the AGM, before I will make up my mind on a number of resolutions.

MOTION 13: I believe this is one of the most important resolutions. If the option to call a meeting with 200 members had existed, most of the trouble from last year could have been avoided. What better way to hold the board accountable then by letting members call a meeting themselves. I personally feel 200 is too low but I'm disappointed the board did not support an alternative - 200 is better than 6,000. If any members choose to abuse this by calling a frivolous EGM then the board can simply add a motion to increase the number.

MOTION 6 & 7: This is another motion that could have gone a long way to address the problems of last year. I recognise that Divisional Presidents can now send, within reason, e-mail communications to the members of their division provided it is not misleading, deceptive or defamatory. Members can already submit their own resolutions at meetings and include statements with those resolutions. Combined with the ability to call an EGM and work with divisional councils this could be a sufficient balance. I will wait to hear the debate on the night to form a final opinion on this one.

MOTION 4 & 10: I will be supporting both these resolutions, knowing that 10 will prevail over 4 to the extent of any inconsistencies. After reading the 2017 Australian Board Remuneration Survey that Brett referred to in his explanatory statement it appears that his proposed remuneration caps are more inline with market rates then the small sample used by the Godfrey Group in their report to the board. That said, I believe both of these resolutions are better then the status quo

MOTION 1, 8 & 9: I will most likely be supporting both 1 & 9, knowing that 9 will prevail over 1 to the extent of any inconsistencies. Again I believe these are both better then the status quo. I do not believe that motion 8 will strengthen the board appointment process as it will take the constitution from one where directors seem to have been appointed by being "connected" to another model where you need to have the support of 100 members simply to nominate. What happens when there are only 2 or 3 people who can garner that much support and there are 4 positions to fill?

MOTION 11: I am inclined to support this - the IRP preliminary report suggested that CPA Australia maintains Directors’ three year term but reconsider the
appropriate number of further terms given we are a large member-based organisation, which has many competent members willing to serve. I would need to have confidence that if 3 x 3 year terms were to remain that their would be a very high threshold to demonstrate why a director should extend their term for the full 9 years.

MOTION 2 - I support this

MOTION 3 - I support this (though I do not support increasing the president's maximum term to 3 years).

MOTION 14 - I don't support this - I believe the board should be given a(nother) chance and some time to actually implement a new strategy focused on members then I will judge their performance on how well members are served not on the allegations or suppositions leading up to this AGM. I don't believe 7 months is sufficient time to judge the performance given the size of the task at hand (let's not forget how bad it was - the entire board was forced to resign).
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