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Shortish video on the resolutions at the AGM Part One

Discussion about the proposed resolutions to be put to the AGM in May 2018
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Shortish video on the resolutions at the AGM Part One

Post by Brett Stevenson » Fri May 04, 2018 4:32 pm

Hi all, attached is the link to the first of two shortish video's for your consideration on the 14 resolutions at the AGM.
The second one I will post up tonight.

Glen Hasselman has also done a great video, so look for it also on LinkedIn.

Perhaps the simplest approach is to oppose the four board one's and support all the ten member one's.
But if you don't go that way (which has a lot of merit) then perhaps my or Glens video presentations will be of assistance.
But keep in mind that although some of the members can disagree on some of the 10 member resolutions, they are just minor differences compared to the strong objections we have with the Boards resolutions. To me, they indicate an unwillingness to recognise the really major issues involved over the last year in particular, and to do something serious about it.

In summary I think the board have missed a great opportunity to really improve the governance at CPA Australia.
My recommendation is do NOT give your proxy to the Chairman, the board or the divisions (who have not expressed their views on any of these resolutions other than to encourage members to vote - from the NSW division anyway).
Give your proxies to someone you agree with regarding their views, and I would encourage giving them to the following four members - The Spillers (Glen Hasselman, Jen Dalitz, Andrew North) or myself.

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