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NSW, VIC, Qld, AW Members Read Carefully You are being gerrymandered out

Discussion about the proposed resolutions to be put to the AGM in May 2018
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Brett Stevenson
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NSW, VIC, Qld, AW Members Read Carefully You are being gerrymandered out

Post by Brett Stevenson » Fri May 11, 2018 4:35 pm

CPA Australia
NSW, VIC, QLD and WA Members especially
Read Carefully
You are being gerrymandered out

All CPA Australia members, but especially NSW, Victorian, QLD and WA members need to read this carefully before voting at the AGM or by proxy.

Ask yourself why won’t the board give us the numbers of members in each state of Australia? I have asked them, and they refuse. Well, here is why (see spreadsheet summary attached). The final column is the critical one.

Because under the Board Resolution 1 an Appointments Council comprising one member from each (12 in total) branch and divisional council appoints the directors.

Think about that a bit and relate to the actual breakdown of the membership (which I have done from the Members Register which the members had to pay $2500 to get).

It is the breakdown of the Australia state numbers which reveals the trickiness of the current board in not releasing this data.

NSW and Victoria comprise close to 50% (80,000) of the membership yet only have the same voice (2) as NZ and Europe which has just 2.4% (3,800) of the membership.

Do the same including QLD and WA, and it is 67% (106,000).

You do the sums however you want but what is clear is that the majority of the membership by a country mile are being gerrymandered out by a small grouping of members (however you want to compile it).

Let me illustrate - NZ, Europe and NT which have a total membership of 4,400 (2.75%) have the same number of representatives (3) on the proposed appointments council (which will appoint directors) as NSW, QLD and Victoria which have a total membership of 96,000 (60%).

I have shown the divisions and branches on the right hand side of the spreadsheet.

And guess who is the President of the Appointments Council - yes, none other than the President of CPA Australia Board.

Wow, forget having to influence the branches with lots of members. Just work on the smaller branches and divisions.

This is just the same as what we have come out of dressed up in another cloak.

And to think that not only did the Independent Review Panel (led by Ian McPhee - who also did not disclose the state membership numbers - Funny thing that eh) come up with this model but the board just followed along and approved it.

OPPOSE Resolution ONE (especially if you come from NSW, Victoria, QLD or WA).
VOTE FOR Resolutions EIGHT or NINE to ensure you have your say on the directors.
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Re: NSW, VIC, Qld, AW Members Read Carefully You are being gerrymandered out

Post by Sleet » Fri May 11, 2018 4:59 pm

It's quite amazing Really.

I took the punt and joined the IPA at the start of the year and transitioned to their IPA PPC being a CPA member etc.

The support and material from the IPA is incredible when compared to the CPA.

You can't even bloody compare it.

I am shocked that an accounting body that was perceived as inferior to ours is so much more efficient and organsed, including being ridiculously more transparent.

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Re: NSW, VIC, Qld, AW Members Read Carefully You are being gerrymandered out

Post by Red_Ferrari » Sat May 12, 2018 6:37 pm

Yet another means of feathering their nests. I've often wondered how the membership numbers were split between states.

They justify this crap with the same warped logic that saw our AGM taken to Singapore. I'm surprised this year's wasn't there again, as last year's was such a roaring success (at disenfranchising the NSW and VIC members).

There is simply no end to this mob. The membership has generated a cash cow over all these years and they're sure as hell using it for no-one's benefit but theirs. What I don't understand is why I'm still paying membership fees.

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