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New chief Info & Digital officer at CPA Australia - starts Feb 19

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New chief Info & Digital officer at CPA Australia - starts Feb 19

Post by JWheldon » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:37 pm ... australia/

7 Dec 2018

Farid Jarrar is leaving his role as CIO at outsourced call centre provider Stellar and will join CPA Australia in February as chief information and digital officer.

Jarrar, who has been with Stellar since July 2010, is replacing Cathy Bibby at CPA Australia, one of Australia’s largest membership-based organisations. Jarrar’s role at Stellar is yet to be filled.

Jarrar told CIO Australia that his main focus at CPA Australia will be to transform the IT and digital offerings and capabilities for its members.

“It’s an exciting opportunity with a clear mandate to drive significant value for our member base. Historically, there has been very little investment in advanced digital solutions for the benefit of members.

"However, under a new board and CEO [Andrew Hunter], there is significant focus and a clear mandate to position CPA Australia as one of the leaders in delivering value for our members through enhanced digital solutions and services.”

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