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For all NSW CPA Members

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Brett Stevenson
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For all NSW CPA Members

Post by Brett Stevenson » Fri May 12, 2017 2:20 pm

I, and a number of members who alerted me, have tried the normally responsive NSW CPA phone number 02 9375 6200 but it has now gone totally silent.
Is this just another ploy by CPA to divert all phone calls to Southbank to the 1300 number.
Or is this just another technical difficulty like the initial response when the Find A CPA function was taken from the website, which we know now was complete bollocks (there is a great simple three letter word beginning with l that says that more succintly) because they purposefully dismantled the functionality as they told us later.
The annual report makes a big deal about offices in each state, but here the NSW one is now out of contact with members.
Perhaps CPA Australia need to provide us with some details on Glenn Ahern as NSW State Manager and to provide us with some sort of explanation, as well as the costs involved in running out now "out of communicado' state office.
How possibly can we as members contact division and representative councillors, discussion leaders, committee members etc when their names and all details are removed from the website and the state offices are now out of contact also.
I suggest Tyrone Carlin as President/Chairman needs to do some explaining on these matters.
This is a membership organisation not a dictatorship who are unwilling to answer some pretty significant and fundamental questions about what is happening at CPA Australia.
I'm not too sure what his workplace experience is at Sydney University as Deputy Vice-Chancellor in relation to such matters but for CPA Australia we expect a less heavy-handed and more full disclosure approach. I would imagine Sydney University would expect the same.

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Re: For all NSW CPA Members

Post by nakedadmin » Fri May 12, 2017 5:23 pm

Yes, that number, 02 9375 6200 now diverts to the head office 1300 73 73 73 number.
CPA_NSW_phone.png (62.27 KiB) Viewed 1793 times
More disruption of members communications. What about other states.

SA (08) 7420 3100 - "Thankyou for calling CPA Australia this number is no longer in use"
Tas. (03) 6281 8701 - "Thankyou for calling CPA Australia this number is no longer in use"
WA (08) 9481 5944 - switch
NT (08) 8981 2116 - "Thankyou for calling CPA Australia this number is no longer in use"
QLD 1800 773 059 - switch

Not sure what was happening with all these numbers before as I have never called them. Anyone from those states know.

So what your saying is we have offices in one hundred and so many places but we cannot phone them?
The Naked Webmaster

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