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13Mar18 - Centres of Excellence - Vacanies

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13Mar18 - Centres of Excellence - Vacanies

Post by JWheldon » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:21 am

The CPA is looking for individuals to appoint to their centres of excellence.

Question for the members.

Given the remunerations of the board of CPA Australia, would you seek an appointment on CPA Australia committees or centres of excellence, if the remunerations didn't exist or just covered reasonable travel expenses?

Has the board of CPA Australia, now set the acceptable standard for all professionals in this area?

You should not accept a position on a not for profit, unless you are paid an acceptable remuneration?

Maybe there are industry remuneration rates for an organisation in the USA, that we could use to reflect the acceptable remunerations in this area too. If its ok for the board, the CEO, the COO, who are all members of CPA Australia, and all doing a job, then it must be ok for the individuals on the committees, the centres of excellence etc, to seek an acceptable remuneration for the job that they also do?

Centres of Excellence - Vacanies. ... March-2018


CPA Australia is currently seeking applications from suitably qualified members to join one of our four Centres of Excellence (CoE).

More information about our CoEs can be found below this notice.

We are looking for expressions of interest from members with the following skills, interests and backgrounds for each of the CoEs:
External reporting
Two vacancies

Preference for candidates having any of the following roles or expertise:

public sector auditor
financial analyst/user of audited financial reports
expertise in quality, risk or ethics relevant to external reporting
expertise in assuring or preparing emerging forms of external reporting
expertise in digital technologies affecting reporting and assurance.

Environmental, social and governance
Two vacancies

Preference for candidates having any of the following roles or expertise:

senior managers of corporations, GBEs and public sector agencies having significant environmental and social impacts which are being positively and strategically managed
corporate governance specialists
senior managers involved in both financial and non-financial disclosure and/or assurance
consultants on sustainability and corporate social responsibility
academics specialising in ESG and sustainability matters.

Retirement savings
Eight positions to be progressively renewed throughout 2018

Preference for candidates having any of the following roles or expertise:

retirement savings policy
self-managed superannuation funds
APRA funds (retail, industry, corporate or public sector) as trustees or in administration, accounting, or investments
financial advice (institutional and independent)
retirement income streams and pensions.

Eight positions to be progressively renewed throughout 2018

Seeking a mix of members with strong tax policy, tax law, or tax administration knowledge and experience.

If these opportunities are of interest, note that appointment terms are for two years and nominations close on Friday 30 March.

To request a nomination form, contact

Our Centres of Excellence

CPA Australia has four Centres of Excellence (CoE) comprised of members with special expertise in core areas.

They provide thought leadership, highlight and explore issues and trends likely to affect members and the profession, and support CPA Australia in developing and shaping policy on these issues and have an international and regional focus.

Areas of expertise

Environmental, social and governance
External reporting
Retirement savings


Provide guidance on policy and issues
Identify issues relevant to the profession in a timely and effective way
Provide advice on legislation requiring response or comment
Provide input and feedback on policy responses
Provide thought leadership
Address issues which impact the profession, focusing on changes in the wider economic environment are a strategic sounding board for management
Provide input on proposed CPA Australia products


Members are selected from:

small-to-medium sized enterprises
corporate sector
public sector
public practice
business advisers and consultants
not-for-profit organisations.

Membership tenure is for two years, after which a member can be renominated. Interested members of CPA Australia are invited to nominate for membership of the CoE and are appointed by the CEO or their delegate.


Centres of Excellence Charter (PDF)

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