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28 Mar 2018 - CPA Aust complimentary CPD offer?

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28 Mar 2018 - CPA Aust complimentary CPD offer?

Post by JWheldon » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:58 pm

How many members received the email from CPA about the so called complimentary professional development offer?

Two courses, where you have to complete monthly assessments. I wonder if it would be like, the pain, described by one member, that signed up for the monthly Intheblack assessment?

Sounds like 100 hours of headaches, for only 28.5 hours of recorded CPD. Not sure this is such a great marketing strategy. What do others think?

Maybe this is just like the great strategy from Peter Docherty, the Public Practice manager concerning the marketing strategy for Public Practice. The one, which didn't market the CPA brand and Public Practice, but the one where young members are encouraged to undertake the CPA Australia Public Practice Certificate course. A great marketing strategy, NOT, for those in Public Practice, but for the CPA Australia education business. " CPA Australia’s Board is committed to making positive changes that benefit members.

We are listening to members and understand that you want better access to CPD to support you throughout your career.

We’re excited to advise of a complimentary professional development offer available exclusively to our members.

You can now access two leading professional development courses, CPA Q&A 2018 and Global Leaders Insights. This will allow you to accrue up to 28.5 hours of complimentary professional development per year.

These two courses are being offered to you as part of your membership fee, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

CPA Q&A 2018
Covers a wide range of finance, accounting, business and leadership topics monthly.
Offers an unparalleled range of topics from the CPA Australia library, including a handpicked selection of publications, articles and ebooks.

Key resources include ProQuest (including newspaper articles from around the world), INTHEBLACK magazine,, INPRACTICE and information guides.
Earn 16.5 CPD hours per annum after completing all monthly assessments.
We’ve partnered with the World of Business Ideas to provide access to a monthly selection of bite-sized videos featuring some of the world’s greatest business leaders, including access to a selection of CPA Australia videos.
Includes trendsetters like Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Daniel Pink, Jim Collins, Liz Wiseman and many more.
Hear their thoughts about global issues, strategic business development, the role of leaders, teamwork, innovation and what the future may hold.
Gain access to globally relevant content and practical examples.
Earn 12 CPD hours per annum after completion of all activity."

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Re: 28 Mar 2018 - CPA Aust complimentary CPD offer?

Post by nakedadmin » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:54 am

I think it's some pre recorded webinars, TEDx talks etc. They say they've saved so much money on tv shows they can afford to butter up people with free CPD. You could find similar stuff on you tube I reckon. I'm surprised how lame this CPD looks.

Free TEDx leadership talk or borrow an eBook, WOW. It's gonna take a bit more than that to impress me.
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Re: 28 Mar 2018 - CPA Aust complimentary CPD offer?

Post by The Nude CPA » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:50 am


All they have done is formalise the assessment for stuff that was already available and free.

And there's still much better webinars etc. being offered by for-profit companies for free.

There also still doesn't seem to be much focus on accounting.

Perhaps we should change the organisation name to CBP (Certified Business Professional) Australia?

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