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3 April 18 - Info re Member Consultation Forums

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3 April 18 - Info re Member Consultation Forums

Post by JWheldon » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:26 pm

Thought the members would be interested in this information, which has been obtained from the CPA link below, relating to the member consultation forums. ... ber-forums

Have listed below some interesting stats with regards to the number of members from CPA Australia, that have registered and then attended the relevant forums. Note that the stats are not available for certain forums, and webinars as they have not been held or not supplied. So happy readings, and would be interest in members thoughts.

Not all forums have finished, so the stats are not all in, but it does show an interesting picture.

These stats support the underlying argument that the AGM in the past has been poorly attend, yet there are no stats on the number of members that registered and then attended the webinars. I would suggest, that the stats, would be greater for the webinars. The Australian Taxation Office, gets more individuals, attending their seminars and webinars and online live chats.

I would also suggest that CPA Australia is covering up, the amount of money lost on functions/seminars. It would be interesting to see the stats on the numbers that attend these functions.

Management should have worked with the IT staff, to develop a better system of education delivery. Lets assume that CPA Australia saves about 10 million a year, over a ten year period, from the so called, 20million or is it 30 million it spend on marketing strategy. Then it would have had a lot of funds to invest into IT and so called new technology. Maybe CPA Australia, could have established its own ISP and internet TV or other mode of service delivery to those, that are not located in the city location of each state of Australia or possibly outside Australia.

Thus the online access for the AGM and the online voting system for those members, that can not attend the AGM is very important.

Sydney 12 March Registered 157 and attended 84
Wollongong 13 March, registered 22 and attended 15
Newcastle 14 March , registered 26 and attended 16

Townsville 21 March, registered 21 and attended 12
Brisbane 21 March, registered 152 and attended 84
Gold Coast 22 March, registered 22 and attended 17
Toowoomba 22 March, registered, 29 and attended 16

Melbourne 5 March, registered 119 and attended 54
Geelong 6 March, registered 25 and attended 21
Ballarat 7 March, registered 13 and attended 9
Bendigo 8 March, registered 10 and attended 10
Traralgon 9 March, registered 9 and attended 7

Western Australia
Bunbury 15 March, registered 12 and attended 7
Perth 15 March, registered 138 and attend 62

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Re: 3 April 18 - Info re Member Consultation Forums

Post by nakedadmin » Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:31 pm

The numbers are pathetic. I think people are just sick of turning up to events where they are not listened to.

I have to wonder if the 7 members in Taralgon were sitting in a room being stared down by about 5 Directors, 10 Division Councillors and 10 people from the facilitation company.
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Re: 3 April 18 - Info re Member Consultation Forums

Post by Stomper » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:35 pm

Traralgon - good grief!!!

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