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AFR 13 July 2017 -Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

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AFR 13 July 2017 -Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

Post by JWheldon » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:41 pm

Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

Sixteen past state and national leaders of the CPA have declared war upon the "old guard" of the embattled accounting body.

They have demanded the remaining board call an emergency meeting of members and described the decision to withhold a list of member email addresses as "tantamount to deliberate obstruction".

The high-profile group, including former CPA national presidents Elizabeth Alexander, Graeme McGregor, Brian Waldron, Charles Griss and David Boymal, say they cannot support a review panel that is looking at the way the nation's largest accounting body is run because the five remaining long-term directors have an "unacceptable conflict of interest" in the outcome.

CPA members have watched in horror over the past six weeks as seven directors resigned, CEO Alex Malley was sacked with a $4.9 million payout and it was revealed that CPA public practice members will lose their legal shield from multimillion-dollar lawsuits from October due to a legal conflict of interest with the body's loss-making advice arm.

In an extraordinary July 4 letter to CPA chairman Jim Dickson, the 16 past leaders, who refer to themselves as the "Feather dusters", detail how they are "strongly opposed to the board's policies on: remuneration, CEO personal self-promotion, marketing strategies, the initiation of CPA Advice with its consequential ramifications for CPA public practice members, the lack of transparency and flawed processes for election of board members. We also have deep concerns about conflicts of interest of board and management."

The past leaders, who have been working behind the scenes to force change at the CPA and say issues were first raised with the board two years ago, go on to demand that the current board either call an extraordinary meeting by the end of July or release the email addresses of all 158,000-odd members so an emergency meeting can be organised.

A separate petition to spill the remaining board via an emergency meeting has around 2500, or about 40 per cent, of the required 6000 voting member signatures.

The past leaders say the decision to withhold the email addresses from an earlier legal request for a list of members by rebel member Brett Stevenson on privacy grounds "is in our opinion not in the spirit and ethos of a professional membership-based organisation like CPA. It is tantamount to deliberate obstruction".

Other signatories to the letter include former CPA state presidents Boyne Alley, Ches Baragwanath, Ben Cohen, Keith des Anges, Robert Hood, Don Murray, Ron Trevethan, Colin Wirth and Jeff Vincent. Two other signatories, Marcia O'Neill and Gaye Mason, were both part state presidents and former CPA board members.

The past leaders also warn the remaining long-term board members, who include Mr Dickson, Graeme Wade, Richard Petty, Michele Dolin and Sharon Portelli, that they are in "caretaker mode" and that they should "not take actions that members may interpret as driven by self-interest and not for the benefit of CPA['s] suffering membership".
'Please update me'

Mr Dickson's response to the group, dated Monday, was to claim ignorance of any issues being previously raised with the board.

"I note that reference is made to concerns being raised on the board composition some two years ago. I am unaware of this issue being raised so would be grateful for an update please," Mr Dickson wrote.

He goes on to write that the issues they raised will be "reviewed by the Independent Panel and its findings and recommendations reflected in its report, which it will release".

Mr Dickson did not directly respond to the request for an emergency meeting and objected to releasing member emails on privacy grounds.

"In contemporary society, I believe there is a heightened awareness and deep concern for the protection of our personal privacy. For instance, we are all aware of efforts by the federal government to protect our privacy including the [DO NOT CALL] register as well as its many advices to be aware of scammers," he wrote.

"Despite these facilities, many of us still receive daily unwanted scam phone calls, scam emails (despite McAfee & Windows protection), and scam contacts on Skype, to name but a few.

"Thus the release of members' email addresses with its implications for some members receiving unwanted emails, as well as the potential for their misuse is, I believe, best avoided."

In response to this letter, the past CPA leaders decided to go public and release the correspondence to The Australian Financial Review.

In a letter dated Wednesday, the past leaders expressed their disappointment at Mr Dickson and then went on to note: "[We] believe it incumbent on us to share our concerns with other CPA members and the wider business community by whatever means available." ... 712-gxa6c4

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Re: AFR 13 July 2017 -Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

Post by The Cyclist » Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:47 pm

How much longer can these ostriches remaining on the board keep their heads deeply buried in the sand and fail to acknowledge that they simply should go .

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Re: AFR 13 July 2017 -Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

Post by passedfc » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:10 pm

Impressive group and a very measured but emphatic letter.
Thanks to all those who have come the to the support of the spill .
Amazing arrogance in the reply letter from Jim Dixon ... among many other parts of the letter he still considers he the current board and management can restore CPA. Really ... you put us there Jim ... time for you to do one decent thing and GO !!

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Re: AFR 13 July 2017 -Sixteen former CPA leaders demand emergency meeting

Post by JWheldon » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:12 pm

They stay because of the money and their own retirement funding!!!!!!

They are not there for the honor or respect of their fellow accountants, nor to leader and build a better CPA Australia. Just look at the way they paid themselves for being on the board of CPA Australia Advice and not disclosing information to the members.

If the board wasn't remunerated so much from CPA Australia and CPA Advise, then they would have probably left a long time along.

So Graeme Wade, Jim Dickson, Richard Petty etc say as along as they can, because they pay themselves very very well for doing such a bad job and having no accountability to the membership.

Don't be surprised if Richard Petty stays another year, due to the situation of CPA Australia having trouble in finding the right new board members or lack of appropriate applicants, and even Graeme Wade continuing. Sounds like an episode from Game of Thrones. Which house will rule and take control of the iron throne?

This is why the members need to support the change and vote.

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