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4Oct17 - CPA Australia's ex-president Tyrone Carlin seeks re-election to Teachers Mutual board

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4Oct17 - CPA Australia's ex-president Tyrone Carlin seeks re-election to Teachers Mutual board

Post by JWheldon » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:00 pm

CPA Australia's ex-president Tyrone Carlin seeks re-election to Teachers Mutual board

4 October 2017 - AFR Rear Window

by Joe Aston

The University of Sydney's Deputy Vice-Chancellor Tyrone Carlin has thrust himself forward for re-election to the board of Teachers Mutual Bank, a $72,000 per annum directorship he has occupied since 2010. He is one of six candidates for two positions, including the other incumbent, Jennifer Leete.

Carlin was, until May 30, Alex Malley's president at CPA Australia, having more than a decade ago been Malley's (and Richard Petty's) young colleague at Macquarie University. Funnily enough, none of that background appears in Carlin's re-election pitch.

"I have been fully invested in the task of ensuring a strong mutual bank for the benefit of all members," he writes. "Mindful of the challenges of the role and the heavy onus of responsibility on directors, I affirm my commitment to Teachers Mutual Bank and respectfully seek your support in this election."

As he affirms his commitment to this lucrative gig, we respectfully point out (again) how difficult it must have been for him (until recently) to find the time to be so fully invested in the task. After all, he's a full-time, senior executive, reporting directly to Sydney Uni Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence. From October 1 last year until his abrupt resignation, he was also being paid an annual salary of $390,657 as CPA president. That is despite him telling us in April that "the figure [around $400,000] you've quoted for my remuneration is substantially higher than the rate at which I am paid." But $400,000 is only 2.4 per cent higher than $390,657. By what logic is that a substantial difference?

This outlandishly high salary for CPA's president was introduced in 2007 (the day – surprise, surprise – Malley became president), after a governance review found that "presidents nowadays are regularly spending 3-4 days per week, including weekends, on CPA Australia business".

Nobody can question Carlin's work ethic then, spending eight to nine days per week on his collective CPA and Sydney Uni commitments. He must've been exhausted. So it's even more astounding that he managed to find that ninth or 10th day in the week to be "fully invested in the task" of his Teachers Mutual's directorship. Vote one Tyrone, we say! At your own peril ... ... 004-gyu6l3

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Re: 4Oct17 - CPA Australia's ex-president Tyrone Carlin seeks re-election to Teachers Mutual board

Post by theallseeingeye » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:09 pm

Carlin is now a contender for the "Salim Mehajer award for balls-out effrontery" for 2017.
Still time for Alex Malley to out do him; maybe another book before xmas , entitled "My Way: why CPA Australia just don't get it"

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Re: 4Oct17 - CPA Australia's ex-president Tyrone Carlin seeks re-election to Teachers Mutual board

Post by Brett Stevenson » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:18 am

Two things stick out very clearly from this. No actually three.
1. You wonder just what lessons have really been learned by Tyrone Carlin (and Sydney University and the Teachets Mutual) from this CPA matter. It would seem little if all he does is remove his CPA past from his CV. I mean we showed that he just added quite incorrectly (an untruth in normal lingo) that he was Chairman of the Nom and Rem Committee in his CPA annual report directors profile but no correction or apology. This is from a person who purports to be a leader of one of our top academic institutions. Really what sort of example is being set. I’m surprised the academic board at Sydney University have not acted in some disciplinary way on this.
Makes one think what lessons the past directors of CPA Australia have learned. Will be interested to see how Richard Petty, and Graeme Wade, and Michelle Dolin, and Kerry Ryan etc say on their CV’s going forward? Even Tim Youngberry?
2. It shows again why we need the 4th estate, and especially journalists like Joe Aston who alert us to something like this. It would be nice to see someone at both Sydney University and Teachers Mutual take this up and make sure it is communicated more widely within those organisations and acted upon.
3. jWheldon you are a goldmine in terms of what you turn up. Well done. Just alerting us to these little nuggets is very helpful.

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