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AFR Two Informative Letters to Editor about CPA Australia

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AFR Two Informative Letters to Editor about CPA Australia

Post by Brett Stevenson » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:00 am

You have a look at these two letters, and then perhaps at the October 2016 (yes, that's right Oct 2016, that's a good 7 months after Joe Aston started exposing some of the major questions about CPA Australia in the AFR).
Greg Angelo understated the connection/relationship/partnership (call it what you will but it was a close relationship) between CPA Australia and Peter Wilsons AHRI. Greg said it went back to late 2015. Well we now know it was a heck of a lot closer than that. Late 2016 and early 2017 would have been more accurate. Why do I say that. Well just take it straight from the AHRI and Peter Wilsons own words.

1. The AHRI October 2016 magazine not only features Alex Malley but also proudly markets the close relationship between the two organisations. Have a look at the copies of the article I have placed on this website.

2. Peter Wilson says in his letter of 13th Dec 2017 that the 'relationship effectively ended' earlier this year i.e. 2017. That word effectively is pregnant with imprecision isn't it (maybe not formally but 'effectively', maybe not per the arrangement but 'effectively' etc) . But putting aside that aside we can say that the AHRI and CPA Australia had a close working relationship from 2015 through to 2017 with the precise start and end dates unimportant.

Yet here we have the new Chairman/President of CPA appointed in October 2017 (under a far from perfect governance process openly acknowledged by even the Independent Review Panel let alone the wider CPA membership) who is also the Chairman/President of AHRI saying that he 'had no relationship with Mr Malley' inferring that this is some sort of 'beat up'. Actually in his comments to the AFR's Edmund Tadros (refer that article also on this website) he calls the CPA members who speak of this as wanting 'to keep CPA Australia in a permanent state of destabilisation' and focussing on 'little pieces of minutiae'.
Well, you decide for yourself.
Here we have two new directors on the board of CPA Australia who just happen to also be on the board of AHRI which also just happens to have a had a close working relationship with CPA Australia between 2015 and 2017.
For me I think we are being led down the garden path yet again by a leadership which just loves to portray any CPA members who expose these matters as either a 'small number of rogue members' (Alex Malleys favourite descriptor) or as those wanting 'to keep CPA Australia in a permanent state of destabilisation' (Peter Wilson's descriptor).
And while all this goes on our wonderfully silent Divisional Councilors and Presidents and other new board members and eminent members and past Presidents etc., just stay silent after all that is the professional thing to do.
I think Professor Stephen Taylor's (from UTS) article from the AFR two days ago should be read by everyone involved to get some perspective. My plaudits to him for being prepared to speak up publicly about this whole matter.
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