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The CPA Divisions 2017. Their roots in the Malley Decade. Why I don't trust them.

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The CPA Divisions 2017. Their roots in the Malley Decade. Why I don't trust them.

Post by Brett Stevenson » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:32 pm

I have attached a schedule in both PDF and excel format (so members can refine it as they wish) of an analysis I did of the current divisions and their roots in the Malley decade. My comments are at the bottom of the spreadsheet. I limited it to just the 2013 to now years but its good enough to get a feel for the deep roots and why I do not have a lot of confidence in the current Divisional Presidents in particular. Remember these are the people Mr McPhee is calling on the use as a Consultative Panel for his so called Independent review (I'm going to start calling it an Independent Whitewash -IW for short, from now on).
One group is suggesting that we use the current Divisional Presidents to form a Interim Board.
Well I suggest you have a read of the attached analysis and I would think that is a bad idea.
Most of ur current Divisional Presidents have long roots going back before 2013 (where I started the analysis from) in the Malley decade, and I cannot recall hearing peeky boo from any of them about many of the tings that have been exposed over the last 6 months prior to now.
To me they have shown the same disregard and convenient silence that has allowed many of the things being exposed to have gone on. They were in positions to know a lot more and to ask questions and raise these matters well before now.
There may be some fine people amongst them but they sure did not do what they should have on these matters.
To think that the IW (Independent Whitewash) is going to use them as a Consultative Panel is just indicative of what a whitewash this will be.
Also in the excel spreadsheet is an analysis of the current Representative Council, and also a summary of the Board Committees over the years. I have commented on these before but sometimes it is worth reminding ourselves what a gerrymandered board we have had for so long.
Governance Analysis in part.xlsx
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Divisions Malley Decade Roots.pdf
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