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ACCC link on CPA Australia - interesting information

Discussions about the constitution and how CPA Australia is run
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ACCC link on CPA Australia - interesting information

Post by JWheldon » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:02 am

Have found this link to ACCC with regards to CPA Australia. Some of the items provide interesting reading. ... t_rank%3D1

For example "Bupa Optical Pty Ltd (Bupa Optical) proposes to offer certain discounts to individuals who have acquired membership services from CPA Australia Ltd. In particular, Bupa Optical will provide a 20 per cent discount in respect of any products purchased in Bupa Optical Stores or via Bupa Optical's website." ... Id/1191840

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Re: ACCC link on CPA Australia - interesting information

Post by nakedadmin » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:14 am

Interesting, is there one for QBE and the kickback on professional indemnity insurance cover rumoured to be 30% paid from QBE to CPAA on Fenton Green policies.
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Re: ACCC link on CPA Australia - interesting information

Post by Brett Stevenson » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:49 am

I think your question regarding QBE nakedadmin is quite a profound one.

It illustrates why we have been calling for a forensic accountant to get into CPA and look around.
Why they do not allow it raises the obvious question of why not.

And of course why the Independent Review Panel has deemed it not necessary to even comment on this (along with so many other areas of questionable expenditures and contractual deals that we have heard of) begs the obvious question.
If they did I daresay in true professional whitewash fashion they would report the QBE deal (if it is true) as being common in membership organisations. It's a very professional way of avoiding the obvious and the need to dig deeper.
To see this beautifully illustrated look no further than the final section of the IRP Preliminary Report dealing with CPA Australia Advice. A master class in avoiding the obvious, justifying (by default) the obvious, and whitewashing the real issues by just not dealing with them - a sort of professional blindness driven by what I can only assume are ulterior reasons.
Another possibly more beautiful example is they way they completely avoided the whole issue of Alex Malley's termination contract (does it exist? did they see it? what did it say? who approved it? why the secrecy about this payment?).

It all comes across a bit like a club in a club to me.

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