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CPA Victorian Division Update

What kind of things would members actually want CPA Australia to focus on vs what are they actually doing
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CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by chuck_meister » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:50 pm

This was circulated to members of government and other CPA discussion groups.
Much as I hoped that there would be pause on expenditure or major commitments until the IRP/new board are in place it looks like business as usual.

$'s splashed around in HK, NZ, Fiji and Scotland. Our financial controller recently was offered "training and consulting services" on how to better align to CPA's financial frame work. There is an invite only breakfast at CPA congress. If you are invited and attend you will notice the sales pitch at the end offering similar training and consultation services.

Well at least one positive is the ASA workshops. I have a junior accountant that struggles with maintaining study discipline. Hopefully with a bit of help he will pass this time round.
2017 September VDC Meeting Victoian General Manager Report.pdf
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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by Red_Ferrari » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:16 pm

yea, looks like absolutely nothing has changed.

They continue to piss money down a drain:
presentation on "Personal Branding and Networking with Impact" ... not to mention the cocktail party for 60 people in HK.

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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by JWheldon » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:36 pm

It says the document is from the Victorian Division, but looks very light on details relating to Victoria. Almost would think that it is a generic update, which could be used by the other state divisions. I wonder if other state divisions have sent the same thing out?

Have seen more informative updates from the numerous CPA Australia emails, relating their conference updates, last minute opportunity for education course sales, the CPA conference on line advertising, advertising for early morning breakfasts presentations, the emails relating to overall activities at CPA Australia, and other generic emails.

You would think that if the document was being sent around by the State Division, then wouldn't you think the State President, some of the committee members should put something, state related, into the update, instead of the generic update, signed by another General Manager, which basically targets everything and anything?

Just wondering, how many general managers work at CPA Australia, and how many manager do they have at CPA Australia, because it seems that a lot of people at CPA Australia are managers of something?

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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by theallseeingeye » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:49 pm

Personally I don't have a problem with money being spent in other countries as long as it is servicing and engaging our existing members or growing the membership. in my time on an overseas council we were starved of funds to do any events with members, which grated to be honest.

The real issue is not that money is being spent overseas or on personal branding classes. The issue is that CPA is willingly not engaging with members who want something else than what CPA wanted to focus on.

Business is truly global and instantly connected, and the way CPA operates should reflect this reality. Complaining about "pissing away money " at one or two cocktail events per year for members in Hong Kong displays ignorance about how the business community operates in one of CPA's largest markets , where personal networking, particularly amongst expats, is far stronger than in most cities I have been to. China is a massive influence into Australia and being able to understand this first hand as a finance professional is critical if your business involves working with China , or being disrupted by China. Why shouldn't CPA facilitate that?

I appreciate this is of little solace to the public practice accountant in Upper Kumbuckta West, but then, their needs are likely best served by a different approach. I really don't see the point in disenfranchising our overseas members with negative comments about local events unless we know for a fact that it didn't serve any purpose.

Similarly, anyone who has worked in a corporate environment will should learn to appreciate the relevance of understanding your personal brand (i.e. How you are seen in the organisation ) , and as corporate structures become very flat and less hierarchical , then the significance of networking effectively is key to managing your career path, particularly as you become more senior. If this is what the aforementioned event covered, then it's a good thing. The sole practitioner from Upper Kumbuckta West will also no doubt see this as a waste of money. The real issue is this: what is CPA doing to help them? And are they communicating that effectively to those members it benefits?

But going back to the original post of Chuck....the reactions here show exactly why CPA still have a long way to go in terms of genuine member engagement: its mostly not about Victoria, or wider issues that affect Victorian members. So people dont read these things, because they aren't seen as relevant (many react to ITB the same way) and a self-perpetuating cycle of non-engagement continues. And the wankers in CPA HQ sit there and say to each other "it's not my fault they don't read it" ....

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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by JWheldon » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:49 pm

It is interesting that the question about the overseas divisions are raised. Each division whether within Australia or overseas needs to be concerned with its own finances and deal with the cash flows appropriately. This does not seem to be done appropriately. Each of those divisions, need to also be able to justify to CPA Australia HQ, how they use the funds that they obtain, or why they require additional funds. The business community is used as an example, but CPA Australia is a Not-For Profit organisation. Well, a partly not-for profit organisation and mostly an education business, whose model is to increase it market depth in different regions, by offering its education courses in order to increases it revenue streams. China and the Asian region, are CPA Australia's biggest market, with its biggest opportunity to increase revenues and membership numbers. This expansion into these markets require large capital resources for marketing, etc, in order to support and maintain these new business ventures until these new business ventures become profitable. Yet in order to fund these expansion, there is a diversion of CPA Australia resources from other needs and therefore to keep this so called business operating, the management team, push the good old button of increasing membership fees, which provided increased cash flow to funds this oversea expansion. So, what do the Australian membership really get out of this whole venture. The CPA Australia board have shown over the last ten years, that when the revenue streams increased they maintained their percentage spend on marketing because that is what they always did, as said by Past President Graeme Wade and President Jim Dickson. They increased the revenue, but the services to the membership generally reduced or reduced down in the list of priority, as the business model has now become, increase membership numbers and increase revenue for the education business. The management team have been ordered to focus on this business expansion, yet they have used strategy as a reason to also increase their own wealth creation, at the reduction of overall improvement to the general membership.

Lets take the example of the state discussion groups. Very few of these state discussion groups obtain funds, if any from CPA HQ or state branches, and therefore have to operate their discussion groups on either the members contributions or their own contributions.

If CPA Australia was a business, which provided its shareholders with returns, and then those shareholders would have an active voice in the operation of that business. They would also be able to send signals to the management via the appropriate market mechanisms as to whether they either approved or disapproved of the direction of the organisation. Yet, CPA Australia is supposed to be a not-for profit organisation, where the use of the members funds and funds generated from the business actives, are very important. Unfortunately the members are provided with consolidated financial accounts, consolidated cash flow statements, and notes to the financial accounts which are not very useful, because again the board tells the membership, that these accounts comply with the "minimum accounting standards", which the industry and CPA Australia administer.

If the majority of the membership of CPA Australia, had agreed, that strategy of CPA Australia should be to expanded into overseas regions, like Vietnam, the South Pacific, China, and other places, then expenditure maybe justified. Yet the majority of the membership have not agreed to the expenditure, nor agreed to the direction of the organisation, which the 12 individuals out of 160,000, have decided which is to increase membership numbers via the expansion into overseas markets and the increase of the education business. If CPA Australia is a business, then change the structure of the business and list the organisation on the stock exchange and give the membership shares in the new structure like RACV and Medibank Private have done. Yet this probably wont happen.

The problem with this expansion into these overseas markets, is on what basis or promises does CPA Australia provided to these countries, like Vietnam, China etc and the students that go through their courses. How much does CPA Australia spend on changing the CPA course in each of these regions, in order that they comply with each of the local laws. How much does CPA Australia spend on infrastructure to provide for the education business overseas. One would guess a lot of funds. These funds have to come from someone and somewhere. CPA Australia has to pay for Jeff Hughes to go to China, the South Pacific, then to Vietnam to monitor how each of these divisions are going, plus all the other costs associated with the business expansion, yet the members are only given consolidated figures, and glossy pictures to convince the membership that this so called business is doing great.

The facilitation into these overseas regions, was never agreed by the majority of the CPA Australia membership, which by all account are the largest component of the CPA Australia membership. Again, if the membership had agreed upon this strategy, then one would have to concede, that the majority decision had been followed, but the membership never voted upon this strategy, nor agreed to the expansion.

The arguments about how the business community do business in Hong Kong or China or other Asian regions is ok for a business operation, which has a motive to profit and plan for expansion into different markets, but this was not the plan for CPA Australia.

When the majority of the membership agree to the change of name of CPA Australia to CPA Australasia and a change to the strategy to world expansion, then the one can not disagree with the idea put forward about the business plan or business marketing or the way to do business in these oversea markets, yet CPA Australia is a Not Profit organisation, which has lost it ideas and lost direction.

So what is the CPA Australia Brand????

The only thing that stands out is an organisation which sells education courses. This is the CPA Australia brand, and that is what has been marketed over the last ten years.

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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by nakedadmin » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:44 am

See Divisions can contact their members. They just refuse to talk to them about trivial things that the members don't need to be concerned about like all Directors terminating the CEO and then resigning in 6 months (sarcasm).
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Re: CPA Victorian Division Update

Post by ConcernedCPA » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:42 am

JWheldon wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:36 pm
It says the document is from the Victorian Division, but looks very light on details relating to Victoria. Almost would think that it is a generic update, which could be used by the other state divisions.
The content appears to have no bearing on the Victorian division at all.

I would expect that a divisional council report would tell us - who the members are, how often they met, who attended the meetings, what they discussed?

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