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What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

What kind of things would members actually want CPA Australia to focus on vs what are they actually doing
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What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

Post by nakedadmin » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:42 pm

What CPA Australia thinks they exist for and what you think they exist for are 2 completely different things. Refer to the attached slides from a presentation to Discussion Group leaders.
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Re: What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

Post by certified sane » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:09 pm

That makes me angry! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

What an absolute load of crap

So CPA has grown again back in 2016. WTF I thought we clarified we had 155,116 financial members. I still wonder how many of these international members are full/voting members as my queries to the board were never answered.

No wonder they didn't give a toss about the PSC. Glad I have left

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Re: What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

Post by JWheldon » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:11 pm

As one famous movie dad once said " Tell'em they're dreamin"

"CPA Australia's activities directly contribute to positioning CPA
Australia, and the CPA designation, as the premier global brand for
strategy, leadership and international business"

A designation about a Naked CEO, who walked away with $4.9m. Wow ,what does that say to the young accountants who will work in the Not For Profit sector, or other industries? They even overpaid their COO's and management staff at the expense of the services being provided.

"CPA Australia’s role as a professional member

A very broad remit - encompasses financial reporting, auditing and
assurance, taxation, business policy, Corps Law, ESG, and
retirement savings policy amongst other things.

It is about influencing economic and social policy in markets of
interest to our members – where our members live, work and do

We are actively engaged with governments, regulators and standard
setters - not only in Australia - but in many other jurisdictions also.
It is about encouraging business, investment and raising living
standards – which is in the public interest, and of benefit to members"

Their own financial accounts only meet the minimum compliance standards. The financial reports are full of colourful accounting information, which lacks disclosure and questions as to whether it is "True and Fair"

They have ex-presidents that sit on external bodies over the last ten years, who have added little to the benefit of the accounting profession or to the manner in which financial reports and audits are undertaken.

CPA had a CEO who could only influence a graduate accountant to undertake a CPA Program, but couldn't influence government to reform superannuation changes in a more appropriate manner, because he was promoting his so called best selling book.

They do the talk, but can't do the walk, except to increase their own remuneration, and increase the general membership fees with no accountability.

The credibility of the CPA Australia, has gone, with the past CEO and the past board due to their extremely poor strategy.

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Re: What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

Post by Disgrace 101 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:09 pm

The leaders of CPA exist with self interest and greed as their priority. Their words and actions/behaviours are poles apart.

The organisation and the CPA designation are in the eyes of the community worthless, based on greed and associated with unethical behaviour. The best course of action should be to wind up the organisation and for members to decide if they wish to allocate their distributed surplus funds to establishing a professional accounting member association.

I won’t tolerate being associated with such disgraceful behaviour, hence I haven’t renewed for 2018.

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Re: What CPA Australia thinks they exist for

Post by JWheldon » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:54 pm

Resigning is easy, as there are other professional organisation, which accountants can be associated with.

It is easy to resign from CPA Austraila in order to save money, but change comes with many voices and change of ideas. Yes it is disappointing that the many state presidents, the many committee members did very little and left the decision making to a very very small few.

The next generation can than put a system into place, which holds those in senior positions to account, and improve the quality of the accounting system. Teach the younger accountants, what real accounting is and what real accounting information is.

The general purpose financial reports have been shown to be a poor form of reporting, and now the powers that be, want to reduce the disclosure even further.

Yes the reputation of the many good CPA's have been trashed by a very small greedy few. A few who have walked away with many thousands of dollars, and little answers. They don't really care, about the reputation of the profession, or even what others think about them. If they did they would stand and explain to the members.

CPA Australia, can be improved and can be changed for the better.

All those ex-presidents and staff members which are still in positions at CPA Australia or associated organisations, need to do the right thing and leave and enable a fresh start, fresh ideas and fresh direction.

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