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The Australian 15th May. Malleys $11 million property portfolio

This covers the board and management of CPA Australia
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Brett Stevenson
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The Australian 15th May. Malleys $11 million property portfolio

Post by Brett Stevenson » Mon May 15, 2017 5:00 am

Page 2 in The Australian today says it all.
CPA Australia is being milked, and the directors just stay silent.
They refuse to disclose Alex Malleys salary, and meanwhile Alex Malley just builds his own private property portfolio. Amazing.
And the Board think this is all okay.
Tyrone Carlin as Chairman has some explaining to do. Not just to the CPA membership but also to the general public.
The CPA brand is being trashed.
It should represent integrity, transparency and high ethical and professional standards but the current leadership at both board and management level displays the opposite.
They hold a beautifully stage-managed AGM in Singapore to avoid scrutiny,
they refuse to disclose key management and board remuneration beyond a one figure total (they even have the arrogance to call that complete disclosure and holding no secrets),
they bully, intimidate and stonewall members who ask legitimate questions about major issues at CPAA (such as why members never vote for the board),
they refuse to disclose details of the nearly $30 million spent p.a on marketing (much involving the self promotion of Alex Malley),
and on it goes.
The CPA brand is being trashed before our eyes, and the board do nothing. Just silence.
I sure hope that at Sydney University, where Tyrone Carlin is Deputy Vice-Chancellor, he is more transparent in dealing with such matters than at CPA Australia where he is Chairman.
Alex Malleys exorbitant (and secretive) salary is just the tip of the iceberg.
Scandalous doesn't quite capture the extent of what is happening.

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Re: The Australian 15th May. Malleys $11 million property portfolio

Post by JJF » Mon May 15, 2017 6:32 am

What an absolute disgrace!!!!

From university lecturer on about $150K per annum to over $3 million as a "LinkedIn influencer" all at members expense.

The worst part is the public position of not having to disclose to members who are paying his salary what his salary actually is!!!!!!

I'd say that CPA Australia is a joke but the reality is we as members are paying for it!

Glad to see The Australian starting to report on the CPA issues.

Would love to see an expose on Four Corners!

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