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AFR Article May 16 , 2017

This covers the board and management of CPA Australia
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AFR Article May 16 , 2017

Post by chuck_meister » Tue May 16, 2017 4:31 pm

Another short article in AFR, with CAANZ disclosing their CEO's salary.

"...was paid between $800,000 and $850,000 in 2015-16, and between $750,000 and $800,000 in 2014-15. His 2015-16 pay included an 'at risk' performance bonus worth 28 per cent, or more than $200,000."
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Re: AFR Article May 16 , 2017

Post by Brett Stevenson » Wed May 17, 2017 10:57 am

What is particularly telling about this article is not just the quantum remuneration paid to the CAANZ CEO Lee White but rather I would suggest his integrity and moral strength as a leader to come out and disclose it.
It is in such sharp contrast to the approach of the CPA leadership which not only refuses to disclose Alex Malley's salary (and remember it is probably nearer the $3 million mark, which is just scandalous) but also have the arrogance to say, as did Tyrone Carlin our Chairman at the AGM in Singapore, that the board will look at other ways of disclosing remuneration after further consultations. What does that mean. As Professor Stephen Taylor from UTS rightly said in response (see attached article) that is effectively a nonsense and just a management speak way of avoiding the issue of making full disclosure (my words, read his comments to get his wording). Here are his words
Stephen Taylor, a professor of financial accounting at UTS Business School, said there was no need to research alternative disclosure models.
"There is no 'alternative robust model'. The only model is the one corporations need to follow – disclosure of the individual payments to top management and directors. It isn't hard to grasp, and it certainly doesn't need a 'model'," Professor Taylor, a member of CPA Australia and its rival body Chartered Accountants ANZ, said.
"The issue at hand for CPA Australia, and other organisations, relates to the total cash payment made to directors and senior management. These organisations don't have equity, so there are no deferred stock options, appreciation rights or the like. Surely it's purely and simply cash, paid either directly or possibly on a deferred basis."
I commend the CEO of CAANZ and The Tax Institute for fully disclosing, and to me that reflects well on that organisation and its members.
Tyrone Carlin as our Chairman and Alex Malley as our CEO need to reflect on one of the core traits of good leadership being integrity, and especially in an accounting professional association which has the word emblazoned in our logo.
We all read Mondays news of Alex Malley building an $11.1 million property portfolio in Sydney in recent years, but what we do not know but can only surmise, is that that is n the basis of him being paid an exorbitantly scandalous salary by CPA Australia. And the best that Tyrone Carlin, as Chairman, can say is either silence on the issue and/or we are looking at alternative disclosure models for remuneration.
I suggest that the close connections of members in the leadership (in both the board and senior management) going back perhapsto Macquarie University days and the beginning of Alex Malleys leadership at CPAA in 2007 needs closer investigation because this to me seems to be the real reason for the silence and almost arrogant dismissal by the board and senior executives of the enormity of the issues being raised, with this scandalous remuneration being just the tip of the iceberg.
Members should have a look at the online edition of the AFR to see the great chart which provides some perspective on this issue in relation to other comparable member organisations. It is not pretty nor commendable for CPAA (as the worst by far), the AICD and GIA, and I would think possibly the BCA should be added to the list. And credit needs to be rightly given to The Tax Institute and CAANZ for having the integrity to come clean and fully disclose.
How can we expect corporate Australia to lift their game in terms of transparency and openness when the membership and gatekeeper organisations themselves show such disdain for such concepts themselves. For me whenever I hear Alex Malley, or John Brogden, or Jennifer Westacott, berating our corporate or political leaders, I can't quite get past the word hypocrisy from coming to mind.
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Re: AFR Article May 16 , 2017

Post by The Nude CPA » Fri May 19, 2017 1:05 am

Tyrone Carlin is spineless.

I watched the AGM live stream, and his approach was typical of why us "suits" get a bad name.

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