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8 June 2017 - CPA Australia did NOT comply with the s202B request

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8 June 2017 - CPA Australia did NOT comply with the s202B request

Post by nakedadmin » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:03 pm

CPA Australia has not complied with the s202B request (director's remuneration). ... 1437#p1437 They tried to pull the wool over our eyes and are going to have to do it again. Tyrone resigned same day, 30 May that the board approved the first s202B response. Alex urges other organisations to follow their lead on disclosing remuneration. :lol: ... 607-gwmvu5

Let's let Alex introduce the website: "...but when members set up a website registered in Iceland and don't even use their real names. I'm happy to pass the pub test to the people watching this program. Pick a team". Watch the interview here: ... he/8581596

Note that even the CPA Australia privacy policy allows the use of pseudonyms. So don't know what Alex is going on about. In his interview on 2GB on 2 June, after claiming to know the identity of one of our users said "I have to act in a dignified manner because I am running an organisation, you know I'm a wog Chris and wogs are not dignified and patient but I am respecting the office of my role and trying to be as dignified as I can, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult". Not sure what he has got against wogs, being dignified and pseudonyms but it's certainly not supported by the members.

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