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AGM Day - Live Feed

Discussion about the proposed resolutions to be put to the AGM in May 2018
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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by JWheldon » Wed May 23, 2018 7:46 pm

Fellow members of CPA and

The change to CPA will take time, but it can happen. Do not think that the loss at the AGM should be the end to this matter. It does require getting the good people of this organisation to encourage all the members, both young and old to take part, for they are the future. Most members do not really care because they have seen the way the previous boards have acted towards the members concerns and therefore believe change can not occur and it is really a waste of their time. This is not true. Members have made some positive change, with the removal of Alex Malley and the previous board. Yes, the current board does not want to review this and take legal action, but it was always expected. Never the less, the ethical change can occur, unfortunately not quickly.

The younger members can learn more, by attending the AGM, reviewing the corporate reports produced and how the accounting standards, tax laws, corporate laws operate in this area. The internet is a enormous library at the members finger tips, which was never available to members 30 years ago. Lots of younger members, always raise the difficulty of obtaining experience and knowledge. Unfortunately this knowledge can only be obtained by the younger members taking part and asking questions and attending seminars. So much knowledge can be obtained by a younger member, engaging with a senior member, for which can not necessarily be obtained from such programs like the CPA Program.

It is very important to have the younger members, the associate members, take part in their local discussion groups, along with more experienced members. Then they can then feel empowered and not afraid to attend the AGM and ask serious questions of the board and encourage change or standup for appointments to committees. Although most members that generally attend the AGM are older members, it should not mean that junior members contribution are not important. Their contributions are extremely important, as shown by the many complaints about the CPA Program. The mechanism to encourage the younger members to attend CPA Australia AGM, has still not been developed, because the board has never seen the importance of these younger members, nor had ideas on how to encourage their attendance, as their focus was else where.

Yes, the resolutions were lost, but history has always shown, that the board will generally always win. The Not For Profit sector, has lots of problems, especially with regards to transparency of the boards, disclosures and the production of the accounting reports. These changes will not occur, when the professional boards, do not act to make improvements and thus assist with this change,as organisations like CPA Australia have shown ,that they will only do the minimum to comply with the necessary laws. Thus it will take time, unfortunately.

Moving to another professional organisation, does not ensure that those organisations are without their own problems. They just have not been exposed into the open. The Institute of Chartered Accountants, as reported in the Australian Financial Review, is having its own problems with regards to management of operating costs and bad management decisions. Their financial reports, comply with the minimum reporting standards, as they follow the industry and only disclose what they have too.

Other issues which members have raised is the reduction of the CPA brand within the community. Lets remind the members, that a majority of the general public have no idea of the different professional organisations that exist, nor really care, so long as their professional adviser provides the best advise and the charge the fees that they are happy with. The general public do not walk into their accountants office and ask them firstly which professional organisation that they belong too. A lot of professional accountants, do not simply rely upon their membership of a professional organisation to get them a job or their next job or to increase their client base. Being a member of a professional organisation, can help in certain circumstances with regards to the employment, but generally it is not the driving force. It does fall down to the skills and ability of that individual to convince that organisation, the customer that they are the right individual for that job. Certainly there are other factors, but being a member of CPA Australia, ICAANZ, IPA or NTAA, will not get them that job or win that client. For those members that believe that being a CPA is there gateway to the right job, are living in a dream world. Yes certain organisation like IPA and NTAA do aim to cater for those in public practice, so those in other industries join CPA Australia as they are not in public practice and want to be apart of an accountants organisation and engage with other members within their industry.

So CPA Australia is a member organisation, which aims to provide opportunity for other like minded individuals to engage, learn and improve their skills, but is never a brand or badge that will mean them getting the CEO job or gain high paying industry positions. Hopefully the members will not think harsh of these comments, but consider that CPA Australia relies upon the engagement of members in order to develop, foster improvements within the accounting industry and help improve the current and future members. So going to another organisation is simply based upon on short term decision. Change will come, but it will require a time and engagement by many. The, along with Brett Stevenson and other great members have shown a way and hopefully this can be built upon to foster change.

Thank you all, and keep believing in your fellow members both young and old.

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by CG9999 » Thu May 24, 2018 10:07 am

6,953 of 122,000 voting members of CPA Australia voted on Tuesday evening, that is (a)pathetic. There are approximately 115,000 voting members that are dis-engaged, that is the problem with CPA Australia.

Gerrymandered members from NSW and Victoria would you consider splitting from CPA Australia and forming a new body?

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by kissofjudas » Thu May 24, 2018 11:23 am

Thank you to Brett, Jen, Glenn, Andrew, Ben & so many others for all your efforts. Your member resolutions were fantastic & showed your commitment for fundamental change.

I’m so sorry that your concerns & passion to did not grow into action with the majority of the CPA membership.

5% of the membership voting at the AGM shows their total apathy despite all the negative outcomes that have happened to their organisation. The membership was well aware of the issues through the media & via all yours (& others) attempts to reach out to the base.

I truly thought that all these terrible events would be a catalyst for real change at CPAA. I was wrong. It seems to me that the majority are only concerned about the cost of their annual membership & maintaining their CPA status for employment purposes. Anything else that happens behind the closed doors at CPAA is of no concern to them.

But the bitterness is tempered by the actions of you. You showed that you really care about the future of CPAA & were prepared to step up & make personal sacrifices. That makes you better than a CPA; it makes you a humanitarian. And by your example, it shows that the call for change in any area of the world can’t be silenced.

I wish you all the best for the future. You can go back to your normal lives now!

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by deaneus » Fri May 25, 2018 1:12 pm

I wish someone had asked about the coffee shop

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by geoffrt0019 » Fri May 25, 2018 11:38 pm

Getting change from.these oxygen theives whose.only use is to.slither into apathetic mutual authorities and bleed it dry is like backing the washington beat the harlem to.leave and let cpa die naturally though the remaining members being so useless the accreditation becomes a joke

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by JWheldon » Sat May 26, 2018 12:13 am

The CPA board would be happy to see the spillers and all the members of this website just move on to another association, so they could continue to do what they wanted. It is easy to give up, because the first action was lost. When this whole situation start, there were only a small number of members who stood up. Then more joined, when the information started to get out.

Just because the board won this round, doesn't mean that members within CPA Australia are not trying to encourage change. Don't think nothing is being done.

Keep the faith. Encourage more older and younger members to join.

Positive change can still be achieved.

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by geoffrt0019 » Sat May 26, 2018 2:54 pm

I hope you are right j wheldon but i think not...while they can conjure up votes from culturally compliant foreign members those that speak to end the rorts have no hope

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by CanadianCPA » Mon May 28, 2018 12:45 am

Credit where credit is due, and that's Brett and AFR. They brought important changes. I'm leaving out Jenn here - she broke ranks and created confusion with her alternative resolutions and - in general - 'let's try to be glamourous' approach. That didn't help.

Sure, the final prize, meaningfully changing the constitution, wasn't obtained. But still, remarkable achievements were made.

So what does the future hold: further dilution of the CA and (primarily) CPA brands due to the race to the bottom i.e. getting as much members to outdo the other organization. This won't stop until CA & CPA merge.

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by JWheldon » Mon May 28, 2018 3:34 pm

CPA and CA won't merge unless, firstly the CPA Program minors the Professional Year (PY) program or the program that CA has at the time of the merger and secondly the CA run out of funds and are looking for a merger partner. This is very unlikely to occur.

The merger was looked at previously, many years ago, and failed mainly due to the younger members of Institute of Chartered Accountants, voting against the merger. They strongly believed that the CPA Program was a poor education program, in comparison to the Professional Year (PY) program.

This argument has been run for nearly thirty years, and yet the two professional organisations, could not sit down and agree upon a program, which they both could agree on. So until this issue is resolved, which seems in the short term unlikely, a merger is unlikely.

Maybe if the ICANZ, moves to water down their PY program, due to financial cost cutting and the use of a internet based computer education system, which possibly is akin to a CPA Program, then maybe you could have a merger, but again very unlikely.

So until both professional organisations sit down, discuss this issue, and put a plan in action over several years to improve the education system, which they both agree on, then nothing will happen in the area of a merger.

Therefore young and older members of CPA, should encourage changes to the CPA program, to improve it.

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by certified sane » Tue May 29, 2018 10:59 am

Who in their right mind would deal with this or the previous board of CPA? Sorry I can't see anyone would want to merge and associate with this bunch of self serving tools!

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by Stomper » Tue May 29, 2018 3:48 pm

At current growth levels and a gerrymandered voting system I can foresee a rebranding to "CPA Asia" and head office moved to Shanghai :shock:

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Re: AGM Day - Live Feed

Post by JWheldon » Tue May 29, 2018 9:56 pm

Hopefully more members will be at AGM next year and have their say.

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