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CPA Australia Strategy 2018-2021

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CPA Australia Strategy 2018-2021

Post by JWheldon » Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:32 pm

Have you read the strategy? What do you think??

CPA Australia Strategy 2018-2021

"CPA Australia is proud to release its strategy that will be the blueprint for our organisation over the next three years.

The strategy is built on six months of member consultation and focuses on delivering increased value and service for members.

It is framed by new vision and purpose statements and consists of six strategic goals that are supported by a number of objectives and initiatives. " ... a-strategy
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Re: CPA Australia Strategy 2018-2021

Post by certified sane » Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:02 pm

Another glossy date roll by CPA

Objective 1 - Spend marketing dollars to cover our lack of leadership, we should not have to do anything besides tell people we are honest.
Objective 2 - Do nothing but put our name as "partners" of others that actually do something, we can keep an appearance of activity with no effort
Objective 3 - Wow. You currently have 3 kinds of members. Unfriendly, apathetic and those eating from the trough. That will be a big job
Objective 4 - Please let it be true. Considering they have no mention of public practice, taxation or Australia in any of their objectives I am guessing it will be as useless in any case.
Objective 5 - How about we listen to the students? Why is that a lower priority?
Objective 6 - Nothing on the listening to members, just tell them what they need and provide avenues for their feedback. Great conclusion that one.

Nothing has changed, business as usual.

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